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remedies for inflammation in knees and elbows

Natural Remedies For Inflammation

Living with pain often means living with chronic inflammation which acts as a trigger for that pain. There are many excellent prescription medicines for inflammation but sometimes they cause...

5 Claims About CBD Oil Investigated – Separating Fact From Fiction

We’re not the only site on the Internet that is excited about the potential of CBD oil. In fact, it’s rapidly becoming the trend of the year. Rather like acai berries were...
A picture of someone tied up to simulate how pain may restrict us in ordinary life

The 6 Most Insensitive Things To Say To Someone With Chronic Pain

You can’t see chronic pain. When someone is living with pain every day of their lives, they often have nothing to show to others as “evidence” of their pain. This can lead to people...

Natural Remedies For Arthritis

If you are living in constant pain from arthritis, then you are not alone. 1 in 5 people in America, that is 50 million people, over the age of 18 suffer from some form...
An image of a doctor investigating the cause of someone's pain,

Chronic Pain Can Be A Disease In Its Own Right

Pain is, usually, the consequence of something going wrong with our bodies. Yet, we also know that pain can manifest when there’s nothing wrong with our bodies. It’s known as “psychogenic pain”. Until recently...

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil: Cannabis Medicine is Back by Steven Leonard-Johnson and Tina Rappaport

It’s nice to get in touch with the full history of cannabis. For example, how the plant became illegal thanks to cotton farmers is often touched on but nobody really goes into the details,...

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