The cover of the book Ask Me About My Uterus by Abby Norman

Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest To Make Doctors Believe In Women’s Pain by Abby Norman

Life is never easy when you’re in pain but it might be even harder if you are a woman in pain. Abby Norman wants to tell the world her story about how her pain was handled by the medical system. Unbelievably, her own account of her pain was ignored until her boyfriend accompanied her and complained about her sexual performance.

The Good

Ask Me About My Uterus is an honest book. You can feel exactly what it was like to walk in Abby’s shoes and it is concerning that in 2010 – doctors were still acting as though a woman didn’t know her own body.

She lost weight, she couldn’t walk and yet, she couldn’t get a diagnosis that made any sense either. You can imagine the anger and the despair that she faced. Abby’s battle to find out what her problem was is truly courageous.

The Not So Good

This isn’t a book that offers easy answers. It recognizes that society has been constructed to minimize the power of women when dealing with the health system and that it’s often going to be harder to find more than a “sympathetic ear” and actually get treatment.

Unfortunately, there are times when it feels like Abby drags out her means of overcoming problems in order to fill space. It’s not a regular occurrence but a few sections were slower paced than I would have liked.


I think Abby’s story is one worth reading. If you are a woman in pain, it’s probably a must read. This shows that you don’t have to lie back and accept your fate and that if you feel you are not being treated correctly for your pain – you do have other options.

You can buy Abby’s book at Amazon – Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest To Make Doctors Believe In Women’s Pain by Abby Norman

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