The cover of the book The Gift Of Pain By Dr Paul Brand.

Book Review: The Gift Of Pain, Paul Brand

Here at Pain Authority, we don’t like pain very much. I’ve suffered from pain for much of my adult life. So, have many of our readers. That means we often fail to look at pain and recognize its value, Paul Brand wants to remind us that pain is both a blessing and a curse.

The Gift Of Pain?

Dr. Paul Brand takes us on a journey that begins with his medical degree and ends up with the poorest people on earth in India.

He told his story to Philip Yancey the acclaimed journalist who is based out of Chicago.

Between them they make you think very carefully about pain, indeed.

Leprosy And A Life Without Pain

Dr. Brand’s life’s work has been with leprosy sufferers. You might think that leprosy is a disease which has long since disappeared and been cured but this is not the case.

Even in the United States, where Paul’s experience with leprosy begins, there are regular diagnoses of leprosy. In places like India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other developing nations not only is leprosy still common but it often goes untreated.

Leprosy’s main effect on the human body is to destroy the never receptors that cause us pain. Dr. Brand argues that this is the real curse and that pain is our true blessing.

What I Thought

I found myself resenting his assertion when I began but soon, I found myself nodding in agreement when you consider the consequences of a life completely free of pain, you soon find yourself feeling grateful for your own pain.

Of course, that didn’t make my own pain suddenly better. I still need to take CBD oil for my arthritis but I am glad that this is a possibility for me and that with help, my pain won’t prevent me from caring for my family or running my business.

You can purchase the excellent The Gift of Pain by Dr. Paul Brand at Amazon.


  1. I to would love to see if it would help my pain. I have CRPS in both feet. I also have chronic back pain. Can I get a sample? Thanks!!

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