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Free CBD Oil Trials With CannaPure

You can get a free trial of this CBD product if you want one.

I recently stopped offering free trial offers here on Pain Authority for CBD products. That’s because we’ve found the suppliers to be unreliable and often to have harsh terms and conditions for those who use their services. That’s not what…

Do Cannabinoids Appear In Other Plants?

A picture of a bar of chocolate which does contains similar chemicals to CBD oil.

Somebody asked me recently if “cannabinoids can be found in plants other than cannabis?” I think that’s because many people are nervous about taking CBD oil because if its associations with an illegal drug. Of course, it’s worth noting that…

CBD Oil For Your Skin

A woman with clear skin as might be achieved with a CBD oil treatment.

Many people don’t realize that skin complains can cause both distress and pain. This pain isn’t limited to the pain of inflammation or irritation but also includes the psychological pain that comes from feeling not quite right. Did you know…