Some turmeric spice powder which can be used to flavor a curry as well as act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Turmeric – Nature’s Miracle Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is pain. When the arthritis in my knee is at its worst. It’s because all the surrounding tissue is inflamed. Pain leads to depression. Worse depression brings more pain. Inflammation is the root cause not just of...
Salads, like this one, are an excellent addition to a diet which leads to less pain.

Natural Anti-Inflammatories – The Inside Story

Last week we looked at inflammation and its relationship to pain. This week, it’s time to break out the big guns and see how we can beat inflammation at its own game. Full disclosure. I...
Here a gentleman grabs at his breast because he's clearly hurting.

Chronic Pain And Inflammation

Chronic pain sucks. You know that though, that’s why you’re here. What you might not know is that there are two main types of chronic pain and most people suffer from one or the other. They...

CBD For Pain Relief

CBD For Pain CBD is Cannabidiol Oil and it is a form of cannabinoid (yes, it’s found in cannabis) and it is regularly used by some people who suffer from chronic pain. You can use...

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