This lady is smiling even though she might be in pain

10 Daily Habits to Help with Arthritis

I used to be in pain all the time. I was out of shape. I was unhealthy. I took painkillers, but I cried when they didn’t work. I made my family and my employees uncomfortable when I...
Arthritis can affect every joint in the body and it hurts - like this person's ankles

Natural Pain Relievers for Arthritis

Welcome back to my series on arthritis pain. It’s a subject close to my own heart as I am an arthritis sufferer. I have had arthritis in my knees for much of my adult life...
This person suffers from the most common form of painful arthritis in their fingers.

Arthritis A Painful Truth

I have arthritis. In all likelihood so does someone you know or love. Arthritis is incredibly common. 50 million adult Americans have it. So do 300,000 children in this country. Yet, for a condition which affects so many...
An image which shows a container of pain killing CBD Oil

I Use CBD Oil Because I Hate Being High

HI, I’m Thomas Home and I run Pain Authority. People keep asking me what it is that I think works best for pain and it’s impossible to give a simple answer to a question...
A woman grasps at her red and inflamed back which is hurting her.

How Can I Deal With Chronic Back Pain?

This is an occasional column in which we seek to answer real questions from readers. This one is from a lady who wanted to ask about the CBD treatment for pain that we recommend. “I...

Causes Of Joint Pain

We don’t give much thought to our joints when they’re functioning normally but when they’re not, oh boy, do we know about it. The causes of joint pain, however, aren’t always clear. When you...

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