A man with his head on his hands in pain.

Psychogenic Pain: Just Because It’s A Mental Issue Doesn’t Make It Less Painful

Many people with pain get very angry when a doctor or other person suggests; “it’s all in your head.” I can understand that. It feels like you’re not being taken seriously. Yet, for some...
An example seed bag and complete growing kit from this reputable supplier.

I Love Growing Marijuana!

Actually, that’s not true. I don’t use marijuana because I don’t like being high and I don’t like breaking the law. Instead, I use CBD oil and it works brilliantly for me. However, what you...

Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches Sweepstakes

Muscle pain can strike at any time. You don’t have to have chronic pain to find yourself with a sore neck or a stiff elbow. Headaches can also arise from the tension from an aggravated...
A woman with clear skin as might be achieved with a CBD oil treatment.

CBD Oil For Your Skin

Many people don’t realize that skin complains can cause both distress and pain. This pain isn’t limited to the pain of inflammation or irritation but also includes the psychological pain that comes from feeling...
These two people are working out using yoga to try and avoid future pain.

Lifestyle Changes May Be The Best Way To Beat Pain

A recent article in NPR, called For Chronic Pain, A Change In Habits Can Beat Opioids For Relief offers some interesting insights when it comes to managing your own pain. The gist of it is...
This man has gout in his feet which is extremely painful

Natural Arthritis Remedies That Really Work

I’ve been focusing on arthritis this month and that’s because it matters to me. It would never have occurred to me just how much a joint can hurt until I was diagnosed with an...

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