An image of someone holding some cannabis which might be used to relieve pain but would also get you high.

What Is CBC And How Is It Different From CBD?

Christine recently asked about how to try CBC oil when she found our CBD oil trial. Here’s what you need to know about CBC (Cannabichromene) and why CBD oil will help in the same...
A picture of some normal teens who you might need to talk to about your pain.

How Do I Get My Teenagers To Help Out When I Am In Pain?

Our user “Hurting” said of our recent article on how to tell young children that you are living in pain; “More helpful would be an article on how to explain to teenage children that...
Here we see the face of a man who is clearly in some distress from his pain.

Help, I Want To Manage My Pain, I Don’t Want To Be An Addict

Welcome back, it’s Thomas here again and this week, I am looking at a question sent by David: “The problem with chronic pain is the medications you take, sooner or later the medications quit working,...
Tablets like Ibuprofen which can be used as an anti-inflammatory.

Constant Back And Hip Pain? Is Endless Ibuprofen The Answer?

Hi, it’s me Thomas back again to take another Q&A and this week we have Cheryl who reached out to ask this: “I have been in constant back and hip pain, that can be debilitating....
You can see someone providing a therapeutic massage for a painful back.

CBD Didn’t Work Nor Did CBS Oil, What Can I Do Next?

Our Q&A column is now going to be a weekly feature. It became a regular feature this week as I realized we have a lot of readers out there not getting the help that...
A woman grasps at her red and inflamed back which is hurting her.

How Can I Deal With Chronic Back Pain?

This is an occasional column in which we seek to answer real questions from readers. This one is from a lady who wanted to ask about the CBD treatment for pain that we recommend. “I...

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