5 Claims About CBD Oil Investigated – Separating Fact From Fiction

We’re not the only site on the Internet that is excited about the potential of CBD oil. In fact, it’s rapidly becoming the trend of the year. Rather like acai berries were once the ultimate superfood and then black pudding (English blood sausage) was.

But will CBD oil stay the course or is it a bunch of hooey? What’s certainly true is that there are rather more claims being made for CBD oil than could possibly be true but what is fact and what is fiction?

Let’s take a look.

Limited Supply Means Limited Research

First, it’s important to note that despite the general legality of CBD oil, the federal government still treats the production of CBD oil in a similar to producing a Schedule 1 narcotic. So, no surprises – there’s not enough production to go round and when the premium on CBD oil is high, it’s being sold to customers more than it’s being used in research.

That means there are claims which at the moment are impossible to prove or disprove. Without research, we are relying on anecdotal evidence and speculation. We don’t touch things like that on Pain Authority. If there’s no research at all, we avoid the topic until there is.

However, we freely acknowledge that much CBD research hasn’t gone far enough, yet and we will report on these potential benefits. You’re entitled to do your own research if you buy CBD oil; why should you wait for scientists to decide for you?

5 CBD Oil Claims Tested

So, here’s our list based on real evidence:

  • CBD oil CANNOT cure cancer. However, it may help prevent the spread of cancer cells, but this may be at the expense of healthy cell growth. There may be a use for CBD in cancer treatment, but we don’t know what, yet.
  • CBD oil DOES have an anti-anxiety effect. There is an important note to this – you have to use “acute dosing” to get these effects. So, you need to be careful how you approach treating anxiety with CBD oil.
  • CBD oil DOES suppress epileptic seizures. The FDA has approved two CBD-based drugs for anti-spasmodic use already.
  • CBD oil DOES act as an anti-emetic. No surprises here, this is a well-documented side-effect of marijuana use. People don’t vomit very much when they consume CBD oil. We’re not sure we’d recommend it for morning sickness though.
  • CBD oil IS NOT the same as hemp oil. We’ve written about this before but it’s worth noting again. Hemp oil has wonderful uses as a fat but it’s not CBD oil and it won’t have the same effects and consuming hemp oil from overseas may be outright dangerous.

That’s pretty good, right? CBD oil research has shown enough benefits to be certain of the truth of these claims and we are positive that there will be further data available that supports other CBD claims soon.

Make an informed choice whenever you take any medicine. Only you can decide what is right for you.

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