5 Things You Should Know About Cooking With CBD Oil

CBD oil is the way to treat pain effectively for millions of people. It’s a hemp derivative with all the pain-relieving properties of marijuana but with the high and it’s completely legal in the United States and Canada.

However, the most common way to take CBD oil is under the tongue and we’ve found that many people don’t like the taste very much. So, to minimize the bad taste – we’re going to recommend cooking with CBD oil instead. Next week, I have my friend Olive from Kitchen Authority coming along to deliver some ideas for cooking with CBD oil but before then – there are 5 things you should know about cooking with CBD oil.

  1. Pick the right oil. There’s no point in buying hemp oil and trying to use that. Yes, it’s cheap but that’s because it barely has any active ingredients in it. Make sure that you choose a CBD oil with sufficient concentration of CBD to treat your pain. Also, because you can’t eat 100% of the CBD oil when you cook it; you’re going to need a little more than you would take sublingually to get the right effect.
  2. Try both sweet and savory recipes. CBD oil can, essentially, take the place of fat in any recipe. So, you can make cakes or brownies and just as easily make curries or pizzas. If you find a recipe that doesn’t require fat, then diluting CBD oil in a little alcohol (such as whiskey or vodka) can make it easy to add. Don’t dilute CBD oil in wine or beer though – there’s not enough alcohol in them.
  3. Don’t get the dish too hot. This is important. CBD oil is an organic chemical and it does break down at very high temperatures. So, you don’t want to be cooking it at 400-500 Fahrenheit. Instead, try to make sure that you warm CBD oil to no more than 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter and you’ll start to lose the effectiveness of the active ingredients. And there are definitely cheaper flavoring ingredients in this world than CBD oil…
  4. Make sure you know the dosage. You ought to buy your CBD oil from a trusted supplier such as Hemp Bombs or Lazarus Naturals to be certain that you’re getting a dose that you can reliably measure. This industry is new and not well-regulated, so don’t buy from anyone or you risk getting poor quality CBD oil.
  5. Work your way up. Whenever you start using CBD oil in a new way, start with a small quantity and see what it takes to get the right effect. CBD oil is not cheap and you don’t want to be wasting a fortune on using too much.

Cooking with CBD oil can be a very sensible thing to do; if you don’t like the taste or just want to try something new. However, you need to approach it sensibly to get the most out of it. Don’t miss next week when Olive from Kitchen Authority shares what she thinks are the best dishes for CBD oil!

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