The Cover of Cannabis Pharmacy By Michael Backes

Cannabis Pharmacy – The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana — Revised and Updated by Michael Backes

Living with pain is never easy and some books may help you get the right treatment. Cannabis Pharmacy claims to be a thorough look at the evidence behind medical marijuana and how it might best be used to treat certain conditions (not all of which are pain related) but how does it measure up?

We took a look and we have to say we’re pretty impressed. Andrew Weil M.D. offers a foreword to the main event and he throws his medical degree behind Michael’s scientific analysis.

The Good

What we like about Cannabis Pharmacy is that it is thorough. There’s no doubt that if you want to learn about how you can use marijuana to treat your pain or another ailment that it might help with, Michael Backes’ has you covered.

He goes into great detail about how to prepare and administer treatments. He’s clear about how to avoid overdose and how to revise dosages based on your experiences. This may be one of the most thorough resources on medical marijuana available today and it’s a great place to learn about this herb and what it can do for you.

Our Reservations

“There are currently more than 4.2 million medical cannabis patients in the United States, and there are 29 states plus the District of Columbia where medical cannabis is legal.” Says Michael.

We disagree with the “medical cannabis is legal”. Until the federal government ratifies individual state decisions – the legal status of cannabis remains contentious even if law enforcement is currently on the side of the states.

We’re also not entirely comfortable with the advice to smoke cannabis. We think that smoking is unhealthy full stop. We’d also like to see more emphasis on alternatives like CBD oils.

However, we’re nit-picking. Overall, Cannabis Pharmacy is a great place to start learning about medical marijuana.

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Cannabis Pharmacy – The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana by Michael Backes

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