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How Do I Buy CBD Oil To Treat My Pain?

My greatest fear goes something like this. I am waiting in the rain at night.

A car pulls up alongside me, I shamefully approach the window.

The driver looks at me and asks, “did you bring the money?”

I nod and put it through the gap in the window. Then *action*

Lights go on everywhere. There are shouts of “Police! Don’t move!”

I am arrested. I am charged. I am ruined.

My customers stop using my business. My wife and kids leave me in shame. I end up in jail.

That’s what buying marijuana feels like. It might help relieve your pain but no matter what any individual state says – marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. It’s against the law.

Fortunately, that’s not what buying CBD oil feels like. You know why? Because CBD oil is 100% legal everywhere.

So, this is how you buy CBD oil to tackle your pain without any fear of arrest and ruination.

Get Informed About CBD Oil

Before you go shopping, you need to work out whether CBD oil is right for you and your pain. I’ve written at length about why I feel CBD oil is the right choice for my knee pain, for example.

You also want to be sure of the strength of the product that you want to buy and the method by which you intend to consume the oil. There are many CBD oil products on the market today and they are not all the same.

Once you are sure of these details; then the best place to buy CBD oil is online. You can have your CBD oil brought directly to your door because the product is legal. That means no DEA agents tailing the mailman just a straightforward purchase.

However, there are still a few things you will want to consider before you place your order.

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The Ethics Of Your Supplier

There is real hard evidence that CBD oil can work to treat pain even in the worst instances of pain such as for people with terminal cancer. This isn’t really surprising. CBD oil is Cannabidiol and it is an extract of cannabis.

It exists because it was designed to replicate the pain-relieving effects of marijuana without getting you high. That means it contains no THC which is the active ingredient in cannabis that gets you high.

So, it’s OK if your CBD oil supplier claims that CBD oil can help with pain. It can.

Other Evidence Is Lacking

However, there is much less evidence that CBD oil is a wonder drug. I’ve seen some pretty shoddy claims based on next to no evidence that CBD oil “treats” diabetes, for example. There’s no doubt that managing pain can be beneficial to a diabetic but “treatment” implies a cure and apart from the Newcastle Diet (which only helps in a small number of cases) there is no cure for diabetes known to science today.

If a supplier is going to make outrageous claims for CBD oil, it means that they’re probably not feeling all that ethical. If they aren’t ethical about their claims for a product, how can you trust them to be ethical when preparing that product? I couldn’t.

So, when you investigate your CBD oil supplier the first thing you want to do is to take a close look at the claims they make. There is scientific evidence of pain relief, assistance with anxiety and insomnia and a few other small health boons.

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It May Be A Wonder Drug But Nobody Has Proven This

Most other claims of CBD oil as a “wonder drug” are inflated. CBD oil is being tested to see if it benefits diabetics, for example, but there are no strong data to suggest that it is (or that it isn’t) yet. It’s too early to tell. CBD oil hasn’t been available for long enough for many full clinical trials to have taken place.

Also, it is true that CBD oil is full of antioxidants and that the alternative health industry loves antioxidants, however, the majority of benefits attributed to such antioxidants are built on pseudoscience and not real science.

Avoid Psychoactive Versions Of CBD Oil

I think that the vast majority of people who take CBD oil, including myself, do so because they don’t want to get high. This isn’t a moral judgment on people who do get high. It’s because it’s not easy to function as an adult member of society, particularly as a parent, when you’re high.

That means you need to be careful about the CBD oil that you order. Most CBD oil brands are not-psychoactive and their products contain nothing but CBD. However, there are CBD products from other suppliers which include additional ingredients. Avoid those unless you’re looking for the effect they are offering.

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Don’t Even Think About Making Your Own

I know CBD oil is expensive, relatively. That means you might want to try and make your own to save some money. The trouble is that in order to isolate CBD from hemp you need laboratory equipment. Expensive equipment. Way more expensive than CBD oil.

You can’t just mash a bunch of hemp seeds up and then extract the arising fluid. That oil will contain some CBD but not very much and worse, it will contain some THC (the ingredient that makes you high) too.

So Where Should I Buy My CBD Oil?

I’ve said elsewhere on this site and I’ll say it again here: everyone’s pain is unique. What works for me, may not work for you.

However, if you’d like to try the CBD oil that helps with my knee pain – I have arranged for a risk-free trial from the manufacturers. That means you can see if it works for your pain before you pay so much as a penny for your treatment.

If it doesn’t work for you. Don’t think that CBD oil is not the solution. Try increasing the dosage and if that fails, try an alternative product. However, I think it may be just the thing you’re looking for. So, sign up for your risk-free trial today, you have nothing to lose but your pain.


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