With the growing popularity of CBD products like these - it's no surprise that people are starting to ask about investing in it.

Should I Buy Shares In CBD Oil?

This was a great question and I have to admit that it didn’t come from one of our readers, it came from one of my friends when they visited Thomas and I. We were all discussing the potential flotation of the Cannabis Company which will be the first ever cannabis company to go public (assuming the listing is approved).

She wanted to know, “If a CBD oil company went public, would we invest in it and if so, would we recommend that our readers invested in it too?”

The Legal Bit

I need to point out at this point; Thomas and I are self-taught experts in pain relief. We’re not financial advisors and if you do decide to invest in something; you ought to seek out a range of professional advice and not base any investment decisions on this column.

Speculation And Accumulation

Just because we Thomas and I believe in the efficacy of CBD oil thanks to both personal experience and large volumes of scientific evidence; it doesn’t mean that we would rush out to invest in any old CBD oil company just because they went public.

We would, of course, want to know a couple of things:

  • Was the product any good? Given the public demand for all things cannabis related – it’s quite possible a bad CBD oil might be able to float before the market understood the quality of its product.
  • Was the company sound as a business? Not every company that goes public is a success. You want to look at financials, projections and the board before making decisions.

If, however, the answer to those questions was a resounding “yes.” Yes, we’d invest in the future. It’s a no-brainer for us. Would we recommend that you do the same? We’re not financial advisers and can’t say “yes” to that question for legal reasons.

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