Can CBD Oil Cure Your Eczema?

It seems like every day CBD oil is connected to a new miracle. Today, we’re going to take a look at an interesting tale that has come out of the United Kingdom recently.

Cheryl Haliburton is 27 and for the last four years she’s been suffering from severe eczema. Now, you may be thinking that normally eczema is just a bit of dry skin and, in general, you’d be right. But that’s normal eczema and not severe eczema.

The Symptoms Of Severe Eczema

Eczema when it runs out of control is really unpleasant. It’s even nastier when it turns up on your face and neck in severe form.

It leaves the sufferer with red, painful skin that cracks open and the wounds that it makes constantly weep. As you can imagine, this didn’t do a lot for Cheryl Halliburton’s confidence and she says that she had stopped going out completely.

Despite working with her doctor; every cream, steroid treatment, etc. they tried was completely useless. Cheryl was convinced that she might never be able to go out again. She said, “I would feel like I wanted to rip my skin off.”

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Enter CBD Oil

Cheryl’s eczema eventually became so bad that she was rushed to a hospital because she went into shock at the severity of the symptoms.

Then somebody recommended CBD oil and within two weeks – the old Cheryl was back. The eczema was gone! She no longer gets flare-ups and this includes times when she eats things that used to aggravate the condition.

So, does this mean that CBD oil will cure eczema?

We don’t know. This is a single story which indicates that CBD oil has a positive effect in some cases of eczema. The only way to find out if it would help with your eczema is to try it or wait 20 years for a long-term study to be published. I wouldn’t wait if I were you.

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