Can CBD Oil Give You Diarrhea?

We talk a lot about the benefits of CBD oil but is there a darker side to the use of this beneficial treatment? We were asked by Sandy of Idaho, “Is it possible that CBD oil can upset your stomach or lead to diarrhea? I have a very sensitive system and I am worried about the knock-on effects to me?”

Here’s What You Need To Know

If you scan the literature on CBD oil you find that this is something of a dilemma for the experts. In the red corner, you have a group of people who swear that they have had their diarrhea cured by CBD oil!

But in the blue corner, there are people who insist that their CBD oil has given them dreadful diarrhea.

So, Who’s Right?

Well, I tend to think that both groups are right and that this isn’t as contradictory as it sounds.

Firstly, CBD oil doesn’t cause diarrhea on its own. There is nothing in the active ingredient that causes spasms of the intestines.

However, CBD oil is rarely pure CBD and it is diluted with other things. These may include sugar solutions, chemical solvents, and other things. It is entirely possible that these may cause diarrhea in a user. Sugar solutions, for example, are notorious for this.

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So, the trick is to look at the ingredients and make a decision based on what you know. If you do find one brand of CBD oil causes loose stools, this shouldn’t lead to abandoning CBD oil entirely but rather it should help you decide to look for an alternative brand, instead.

You want to be an informed consumer whenever you put something new into your body. So, check ingredients on everything and avoid things you are sensitive to. It will mean much fewer stomach episodes in the future.

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