Can CBD Oil Help With Tremors?

It’s fair to say that uncontrolled tremors are very disturbing phenomena and if left untreated they can end up leading to chronic pain. We recently had a question from Mark in Florida who says, “I have heard a lot of positive things about CBD oil and would like to try it for my arthritis but I am worried that, as an epileptic, it will cause more harm than good and trigger fits.”

Good News!

Well, Mark, we’ve got some great news for you. You see, CBD research is still in its infancy. CBD is being used, in a lot of cases, without evidence that it does what people are hoping it will. Or they’re adopting it with minimal evidence and hoping that more evidence will eventually arrive.

There is, however, one exception to this rule. CBD and epilepsy. If you’ve seen the CBS series WEED, then you’ll know that this is an area which has been heavily researched. The benefits of taking CBD for epileptics are clearly understood and documented.

Not only will CBD oil help with your arthritis pain, but it may also alleviate your epilepsy too. It certainly won’t give you tremors but it might prevent them!

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That’s a twofer from using CBD oil and it means that I’d be happy to recommend that you give it a try for your arthritis. It’s what I use CBD oil for and I can tell you that it’s been almost miraculous for me.

If you are still nervous about using CBD oil under these circumstances, I heartily recommend that you talk things over with your physician before you experiment, they’ll be able to confirm this finding.

Start with a low dose of CBD oil and then work your way up to a dose with the best results and enjoy an end to pain and fewer fits!

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