Can I Fly With CBD Oil?

This may be the most complicated question that we’ve ever been asked on Pain Authority. Martin from Wyoming says, “Can you take CBD oil on a plane when you go on vacation?”

We had to talk it through with a bunch of people to work out the right answer for this. So, here goes:

The Bad News: CBD Oil Is Quasi-Legal

CBD oil has not been specifically outlawed in any of the United States and nor is it outlawed in Canada. However, that doesn’t mean that it is 100% legal. While there is no legal status for CBD oil – there is a legal status for hemp/cannabis-based products.

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It is possible that transporting CBD oil from one state to another might be interpreted as a felony drug smuggling action.

This means that you might run afoul of airport security and find yourself in a little room explaining your medicinal choices to a bunch of TSA agents.

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The Good News: You Aren’t Breaking The Law

Despite this, there’s not much that they can do to someone who is flying with CBD oil. It’s not illegal in any of the 50 states or Canada and thus it’s not illegal to transport it.

Yes, you might have to deal with some unpleasant behavior (if you are unlucky) from security personnel but you aren’t going to end up in jail or in any serious trouble for transporting CBD oil.

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My recommendation is that you carry it clearly labeled and that you are prepared to answer any questions that a security officer might reasonably have about it. However, you should not be panicky or defensive and don’t be afraid to ask for your lawyer if you think things are becoming hostile.

However, if you are flying to other parts of the world. This may not be the case, you should check with your airline if you are traveling to another country to be certain of the law. In Indonesia, for example, you could be jailed for flying with CBD oil.

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