An image of a cannabis leaf which might help with pain but will also get you high.

Can Marijuana Help With My Chronic Pain?

It’s not so long ago that even asking this question would have felt like breaking the law, right? Yet, Milton from Detroit wants to know, and he put it in writing to us in an e-mail. We hear you Milton, particularly given that so many states are giving marijuana a quasi-legal status. So, “can marijuana help with my chronic pain?”

Probably, Yes

The short answer is that marijuana can probably help with most people’s pain. It depends on the pain and the type of marijuana selected. If one type doesn’t work, you can always go and try another until you find one that does.

The trouble is that marijuana isn’t legal. It’s not even legal in the states that say it’s legal. Why? Because the federal government, under both Trump and Obama, has made no move to legalize pot in the United States. Sure, prosecutions haven’t been forthcoming in “legal states” but that doesn’t mean that they won’t either.

The other issue is that marijuana gets you high. Being high can be good fun. If you have no responsibilities in the world and nowhere to be – it can be a lot of fun. But if you need to raise a family, care for other people, drive a car, work a job, etc. then being high is a bad idea.

Here’s A Better Option

You don’t want to cure your pain at the expense of your family, or of running someone over or losing your job, do you? Well, the good news is that marijuana isn’t your only option.

CBD oil is what I recommend instead. I take CBD oil myself for my own knee pain and I do so precisely because it doesn’t get me high.

The good news is that CBD oil is also legal. Which means you can’t get into trouble for taking it. Finally, you may even be able to try CBD oil for free if you’re an American citizen. Go to this page for a link to a free trial of CBD oil.


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