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CBD Oil Didn’t Work Before, Should I Try Again?

It’s unusual for Thomas not to be fielding questions about CBD oil but this month, I realized I’d been letting him do more than his fair share of the work. So, it’s up to me to answer your queries and the first I’d like to tackle is this one from David in Utah.

He says, “I tried CBD oil for shingles pain and it didn’t work for me at all. But recently, I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I am wondering if it might help now? Or would I be wasting my time to try again?”

I Can’t Make Any Guarantees

I wish I could tell you that “100%, you’re going to find that CBD oil will work for fibromyalgia even if it didn’t work for shingles.” Or that I could tell you, “Heck, no! You’re wasting your time.”

Sadly, pain relief doesn’t work like that. It’s quite possible that CBD oil will work for your fibromyalgia, it has a good track record for other people, but it’s also possible that it won’t.

This is what I recommend.

  • Try again. If nothing else is working, you don’t have much to lose trying any remedy that might bring you some relief.
  • Make sure you buy from a reputable source. Some CBD oil isn’t very good quality; this might explain why it didn’t work the first time.
  • Make sure to take it the right way. There are different CBD oils for different methods of consumption, use the right one for the right method.
  • Try varying the dosage. Sometimes you’re just not taking enough CBD oil for it to have an impact on a particular type of pain. If a low dose doesn’t work, then step up the dose – you can’t overdose on CBD oil.

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  1. I have MS, arthritis in my back and knees, DDD, whiplash in my neck and right shoulder. I am in constant pain. I have tried some different Hemp CBD oils. But none of them work. I have only found 100mg drops. is there a brand that offers different doses, and forms?

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