This person is embracing the possibilities of life now he's pain free thanks to CBD oil.

How Do I Choose The Right CBD Oil For My Pain?

I made the decision to take CBD oil for my knee pain and it’s worked out brilliantly for me. But, I didn’t make this choice lightly. I am a father and a husband, and I run a business. Before I take a medicine, I need to know a lot about it. What was I letting myself in for?

CBD (Cannabidiol Oil) is a marijuana extract.

As I said last, week, I don’t want to get high.

I do want to manage my pain.

So, this was my process for working out which CBD oil to use for my knee pain. I hope that it helps you too.

Setting Your Mind At Ease

Firstly, it’s important to understand that while CBD oil is a marijuana extract there are some differences between this product and actual marijuana:

  1. CBD oil is 100% legal. That’s important to me and I suspect to you too. Marijuana has not been legalized at a federal level. Individual states laws are in conflict with the overall law of the United States. Don’t risk arrest.
  2. CBD oil does not make you high. CBD is an extract which contains the chemical Cannabidiol which has been demonstrated to remove pain even in cancer victims without getting you high.
  3. CBD oil does not carry the health risks of smoking. While it is possible to vape CBD oil, it’s not the same as smoking cigarettes or marijuana joints. That means fewer risks associated with taking CBD oil.

This was all important to me. I don’t need a criminal record. I need to live a normal life which I can’t do if I’m baked. I also don’t want to swap my pain for lung cancer. Once I was happy that this wasn’t an irresponsible treatment for my pain, I began to dig a little deeper.

CBD Oil Is Not “One Size, Fits All”

Have you ever bought ibuprofen over the counter at a pharmacy? If you have, you’ll know that it comes in different strengths. That’s because some people need a stronger dose of a painkiller than others.

The same is true of CBD oil. There are different strengths of oils available on the market.

Also, when you buy ibuprofen in a pharmacy you may be offered alternative brands. For example, you might be offered the market leader “Nurofen” and a generic alternative. They are both “the same drug” but one is more expensive than the other.

You may also have noticed that one of these may appear to be better for your pain that the other.

This is also true of CBD oil. There are different manufacturers of CBD oil. You may also find that when one manufacturer’s product doesn’t work for you – the product from a different manufacturer does work. Just as with over the counter medicines.

It’s also important to note that for the moment, at least, the FDA does not regulate the production of CBD oil or its use medicinally. That means some suppliers may simply not be producing the right quality of CBD oil at all. We recommend that you choose a CBD oil recommended by a trusted source for this reason.

However, if one oil doesn’t work for you. Don’t be shy about trying another one.

Choosing The Right Dosage Of CBD Oil

In most cases, you’re going to find that CBD oil is offered in three strengths: a mild form of CBD oil, a medium form and a strong one.

You may be tempted to rush in and buy the strongest one particularly if you have been in pain for a long time and have tried many different therapies in the past. I’d advise against this strategy.

CBD is known to have varied effects on new users. It’s best to start with a mild oil and work your way up to a strong one if you have never used it before.

Mild CBD Oil

Mild oils generally contain around 2.5% CBD or if they have a metered dosage system about 300mg per dose.

It’s important to note that “mild” does not mean low quality, it just means a lower dosage than other oils.

Many people find that this is the best dosage for their pain and never escalate to a stronger CBD oil. A full “dose” is usually around 15 drops of oil taken orally. However, I’d urge you to start with just 5-7 drops and gauge whether you need a full dose even at the mildest levels.

The Mild Oil can help with all types of pain but many people find they need a stronger dose. Some folks, on the other hand, don’t use it for pain but as part of general immune system boost program.

Medium Strength CBD Oil

A medium strength oil will be roughly twice as strong as a mild one. That is 5% CBD or about 600mg per dose.

As before a full dose is 15 drops of oil. This contains twice as much CBD as the mild dose. People with strong cases of anxiety, pain, inflammation, etc. report that this dose can be highly effective for their problems.

Full Strength CBD Oil

Full strength CBD oil is twice as strong as medium strength and four times as strong as mild CBD oil. Once again a 15 drop dose is the full dose. I’d advise you to work up to this level slowly if you have to use it at all.

In my own experience, I’ve found that medium-strength oil is enough for even the worst days of my knee pain.


CBD oil has been an amazing thing for me and for my pain. I am passionate about it and it’s part of the reason why Jane and I started Pain Authority, to get the news out about this treatment.

Take advantage of our risk-free trial offer for CBD oil if you want to give it a go but don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work straight away. Remember you can vary the dose and even change brands if you’re not getting the pain relief you need.



  1. Thank you so much for this chance to win this oil. I have chronic torso pain. None of the doctors have been able to help me in 12 years. I discovered CBD Oil a few months ago. It’s amazing. I really do think it’s a miracle. I have been able to move around and have somewhat of a life again. I use the higher mgs dosage and it is expensive, but worth every penny! Still would love to win one.

  2. I fell off a 50 ft cliff in 1974 , i was in a coma for 8 days afterward ! I could hardly walk, my whole face was purple with both my eyes twice as darker , i realy looked like a racoon . My face & back and legs hurt realy bad too , they told me i broke my back & asked me if i thought i was Superman ! Now all these years later i have tried almost everything , now for the past 10+ years i have been putting on a fentynyl patch & i still have alot of pain . So far that has been the best thing that works the best out of all the medicines ive tried . If i didnt at least have that for the pain im in i can hardly even walk or move wt all . I have seen this CBD stuff in my E mails and wanted so bad to try it but never realy have money for even the free bottles they give for just S & H . I would love to win this free oil contest to try to see if this will be exactly what the doctor never ordered but wish he did for me to try ! I hope i can win , i have just as chance of winning as anyone else ! So put my application in please. Mayby ill get to know if this will be the medicine for the rest of my future & to rid my life of the strong medicine im on ! Thank You .

    I am 66 years
    Young will recomend it to all peole i know & dont know if it works & i win or dont when i get to ever try it.. Don Lee

  3. Took CBD oil for 3 months. It is so expensive that I cannot afford it. It worked wonders and I could do things I cannot do now

  4. Hi Thomas,

    I have a question about how to get the stronger CBD oil. I have tried several different brands and have had no luck with getting any relief for my fibromyalgia pain. I don’t know what strength they were. I didn’t check because I didn’t know there were different strengths. I would like to try the higher strength oil to see if it would help me. I’m also concerned about the cost though. What can you tell me about getting it?

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