Here we see a dog in pain which might benefit from CBD oil

Even Vets Can’t Imagine Practicing Today Without CBD

If you’ve read any of our other articles, here on Pain Authority, then you’ll know that I am a passionate advocate of CBD oil. It helps me manage the pain of my arthritic knees and it doesn’t get me high.

Doctors have been very clear that CBD oil is beneficial for pain in humans but here’s a surprise twist on things. Vets are starting to come forward to say the same thing about CBD oil for treating animal pain too!

Katherine Kramer Says CBD Oil Helps Animals

Katherine Kramer is a qualified vet based in Vancouver. She says that she first prescribed CBD oil to an 18-year old cat. She felt that traditional prescription drugs that met the animal’s need to feel less pain would either kill the cat or leave it unconscious with no quality of life.

She says that it was “like a miracle” to watch the transformation in the moggy’s behavior. It was soon back up and running around and enjoying life to the full. It was at that moment that Katherine became an advocate for CBD therapy in animals.

She says, “I’m one of the only vets willingly to speak publicly about this. I used to send clients to specialists for advice when I had a problem and now specialists are calling me. Now I can’t imagine practicing without it.”

The biggest benefit of her work she says is that it doesn’t involve marijuana. She says that not only is marijuana often illegal but for animals – it can kill them. Her business is to make animals well and to treat their pain and CBD oil is the perfect solution for them.

CBD oil is also often the perfect solution for human pain and we’ve teamed up with a partner to offer free trials of CBD oil to people with pain. You can find out more here.

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