How To Put CBD Oil Into Your Bedtime Routine

CBD oil is something completely different. It’s a natural remedy for a range of conditions that has something that makes it stand out completely from other “natural remedies”. What is it? Well, it appears to actually work.

A lot of “natural remedies” are works of pure fantasy. Little to no medical evidence and for every positive anecdote you find declaiming the success of pushing garlic cloves up your nostrils to cure sinusitis – you find a dozen more explaining it just led to a hospital appointment.

A lot of people find that they like to use CBD oil just before they go to bed, partly for its help with managing pain at night but also for other reasons. So, let’s see how you can incorporate CBD oil into your nighttime routine:

Use It For Insomnia

Yes! CBD oil is shown to help with insomnia. This is good news for many pain patients because insomnia can lead to tiredness and tiredness has been shown to make pain worse in many clinical studies.

This can become a vicious cycle leading to more pain and less and less sleep over time. Break it by using CBD oil just before you go to bed.

The best way to do this is to take CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) use a few drops just before your head hits the pillow. This ensures that the CBD gets straight into the bloodstream and has a much faster effect than, for example, putting it into a drink would.

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Use CBD Oil For General Pain Relief

You can use the sublingual method of CBD oil consumption if your pain is on the inside of your body but if you want to cut down on external aches there is a better solution – CBD oil-based creams.

Now, some of these can be very expensive and others much cheaper but the important factor is not price but the presence of “CBD isolate”. If it has “CBD isolate” as the main ingredient – you probably want to buy something else.

You see CBD isolate when examined in even basic clinical trials doesn’t seem to have the same impact or pain-relieving qualities as regular CBD oil does in topical solution. So, when you buy CBD isolate – you’re risking buying a completely ineffective product. Given the costs of CBD, we don’t want something that doesn’t work, do we?

If you’d rather make your own lotion – it’s easy to make. Buy good quality CBD oil and mix it into an unscented moisturizer. Apply as you like. If you don’t like the smell, feel free to add an essential oil (but only in very small quantities).

Users say that this kind of topical solution can have dramatic effects on the pain of afflicted areas and it makes it much easier for you to get to sleep when you’re not in pain.

Give CBD oil a try if you think you might benefit from it, the only thing you have to lose is some time. You could gain a life without pain.

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