How To Speak With Your Physician About Using CBD Oil

CBD oil, we love it here at Pain Authority and so do many of our readers. But… many of our readers are also concerned about using CBD oil and wonder if they should talk to their physician about using CBD before they start?

Of Course, You Should

CBD oil is amazing, and it is important to remember that not only is it a bit of a modern wonder drug – it’s also completely legal.

The only reason that doctors aren’t prescribing it is that it’s not yet undergone sufficient lab testing to gain FDA approval. Until then, the anecdotal evidence is very strong that CBD oil works wonders for, at least, some people.

That means there are no risks to talking about your interests in CBD oil with your doctor. They’re not going to report you to the police or scold you; why would they? It’s natural for patients to take an interest in their health and their treatments.

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How Doctors Like To Approach This Chat

When you raise the matter with your doctor, much will depend on how well they know your medical history as to where they start in the process but if we assume you are a new patient – they’re going to want to know; “What interests you about CBD oil and what are you hoping to treat with it?”

That’s a pretty good starting place, right? It allows your doctor to get perspective on what you are thinking about and to be able to offer their advice.

All doctors are going to follow this up with, an entirely correct disclaimer, “At this moment in time, the exact benefits of CBD oil treatments (if any) are mainly poorly understood by the medical profession and the research is not yet finished to support any claims regarding CBD oil except in the instance of its use as an epilepsy treatment.”

They may well then go on to support your use of CBD oil and to offer you further advice. For example, they might suggest that in addition to starting CBD oil as part of your treatment regimen that you also spend some time with a specialist in the field in which you have a problem.

This is very sensible. You shouldn’t see CBD oil as an alternative to treatment from a professional (except in the instance that the professionals no longer have any solutions to offer) but rather as a complementary therapy.

If your doctor is vehemently against using CBD oil under any circumstances, you might want to seek a second opinion. It’s OK for your physician to be cautious and to try and keep expectations in check regarding what you might get from CBD oil but to be sneeringly cynical would suggest that they’re not keeping up to date with medical literature.

We checked with our family physician and he concurred. He said that in his opinion if a physician reacts with hostility to any question for a patient – you should always take your question to another physician.

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