Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil?

CBD can be extracted from both marijuana and from hemp. This may be what leads to the confusion that Jim from Rochester is trying to clear up, “I can’t work it out. Is CBD oil the same thing as hemp oil? If so, why does CBD oil cost so much more than hemp oil?”

There’s No Conspiracy Here Jim

We completely understand why this seems a little peculiar Jim but we’d like to put your mind at rest.

No, hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil.

Hemp oil is essentially a very low-grade oil made from hemp. The law says it must state that it made from hemp and that’s about it. It’s often bought overseas and there’s no testing for contamination (so it’s not a good idea to drink hemp oil).

Hemp Bombs CBD

It may contain trans fats, GMOs and other ingredients that you wouldn’t want to consume.

CBD oil is produced to much higher standards. It will be labeled to show the amount of CBD in the product and indeed, any THC that might be present. It doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients like trans fats or corn syrup.

In essence, it’s a product that is produced with consumption and treatment in mind.

Hemp Bombs CBD

So, when you’re paying a premium for CBD oil, it’s not a clever marketing trick but rather one that represents the different production standards and sadly, the relative scarcity of good quality CBD oil in the market at the moment.

I think that it’s highly likely that CBD oil will come down in price in the future as extraction methods improve and hemp/cannabis products are further legalized and decriminalized in other jurisdictions. Until then, it’s worth paying the premium – hemp oil will not do you, your pain or your body any good at all.

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