How Do I Take CBD Oil For Maximum Effectiveness Against My Pain?

My pain arrived in an instant. First, it wasn’t there, then it was.

It came and went, to begin with.

I’d get up in the morning and find myself unable to stand easily.

I hurt when I bent to tie my laces.

Then the pain started to hang around, rather like an unwelcome guest at a party.

Every day, as I awoke, it was waiting for me with a cruel smile.

What had been inconvenient became overpowering.

I couldn’t move without pain and I couldn’t stop moving.

I run a business, I have a young family and they need me.

But what use was I when I couldn’t think clearly?

I gave as much of my attention to stop myself from crying as I did to other people.

I took every remedy offered by my physician, but it was never quite enough.

No matter how much medication I took. The pain was always there again.

Then I discovered CBD oil and my pain went away. That’s what I want for you too. CBD oil is a cannabis-based treatment which is legal, non-addictive and doesn’t get you high. It worked for my pain, and I believe it can work for yours too.

The Story So Far

I’ve talked about why I chose to take CBD and how to work out what kind of CBD oil you might need for your pain. Now, I’d like to take a look at how you take CBD oil for your pain. You have some choices available to you and each one has its benefits and its drawbacks.

I believe that before you take anything for your pain, you should be fully informed about that medication (even natural remedies) so that when you make a choice to address your pain; you’re ready to do it in the way that best suits you.

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The Key Term Is Bioavailability

CBD oil isn’t the cheapest of medications. That means we want to get the best value for our investment in it as a medicine.

To get the most return for your money, you want to ensure that the CBD (Cannabidiol Oil) enters the bloodstream in the most efficient manner. In theory there are five options for taking CBD oil:

  • Intravenous injection
  • Smoking/vaping the oil
  • Rectal absorption of the oil
  • Sublingual absorption of the oil
  • Oral consumption

Intravenous Injection

Nobody injects CBD oil. While it might allow you to get 100% of the CBD into your system, it would be dangerous and irresponsible. The possible complications make this a foolish idea.

So, don’t panic. There are going to be no needles involved in this particular cure for pain.

Smoking/Vaping CBD Oil

Smoking is the next most effective way to consume CBD oil. You can vape the CBD oil and you will get about 35% bioavailability. That is you will get about 1/3 of the CBD oil that you use into your bloodstream.

The trouble with this method is this: there is no data on the health risks regarding smoking CBD oil. There are many assumptions that this is not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes or even marijuana joints but there is no hard data.

That’s because CBD oil is relatively new and studies haven’t been conducted on its long-term use in vaping environments.

Many people choose to ignore this and go ahead and vape anyway. That’s a personal decision. I’ve decided that smoking is not for me. I am hoping to see my grandchildren grow up and I don’t think that lung cancer is going to make that happen.  I think smoking’s bad for you no matter what you smoke. Maybe, I will be proved wrong. Maybe not.

One advantage of smoking, however, is that relief is fairly instantaneous. It takes only a few minutes for the effect to take place.

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Rectal Consumption of CBD Oil

This involves using a suppository of CBD oil and putting it up your bottom. It’s a surprisingly effective means of consuming many drugs including CBD.

This method takes about 20 minutes to take effect and the effects will normally last for about 8 hours.

My issue with rectal consumption is that it’s just a bit undignified. It’s perfect for someone who simply can’t take CBD oil by mouth but otherwise… I think I’ll pass.

Sublingual Delivery Of CBD Oil

Assuming that your mouth is OK and you don’t hate the taste of CBD oil, sublingual delivery is probably going to be most people’s preferred way of taking CBD oil.

This isn’t the same as eating the oil. In order for this method to work you place a drop or two under your tongue and hold the CBD oil in your mouth until it is absorbed by capillaries under the tongue to enter the bloodstream. You can repeat this process until you have your whole dose absorbed.

This allows for much faster uptake of the CBD into the blood compared to oral consumption. It’s not as fast as rectal consumption but you should start feeling the effects within about 40 minutes.

Sublingual is my favorite way of consuming CBD oil. It’s not awkward though it can take a little time to get used to holding the oil in your mouth. We all have an urge to swallow.

Oral Delivery Of CBD Oil

Swallowing CBD oil does work but… it’s not as effective as sublingual consumption. It takes up to 2 hours to feel the benefits and your stomach acid can destroy a lot of the CBD as your body processes it.

You can obtain edibles and, in particular, jellies that improve this method but still – I’d suggest sublingual absorption unless you really can’t stand it.

Finally – It’s Always Your Choice

Apart from injecting there is no categorically “wrong way” to take your CBD oil. Choose a method that suits you. Again, I urge you not to smoke it but if you’re already smoking 40 a day, I guess it’s not going to make much difference anyway.

And if you haven’t tried CBD oil for your pain yet, I urge you to get some in our risk-free trial now.

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