Tennessee Reports Pain Patients Love CBD Oil

It seems quite amazing to me at times how quickly America has taken CBD oil to its collective heart. It’s only been a few years since marijuana was regarded as a great social curse and discussing its positive benefits could land you in real social trouble.

Today, everyone knows marijuana has medical upsides and more and more people are turning to CBD oil, a marijuana derivative that doesn’t get you high and is legal in most places around the world.

Tennessee’s Opioid Problem

In Tennessee, Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is the largest health insurer in the state, has said it will no longer cover the costs of oxycontin prescriptions. This is because they feel it is contributing to an ever-growing addiction problem in the state.

Opioid addictions bring serious social problems and while the addict is no longer risking death, they are looking at a spiraling pattern of poor self-control and social ostracism.

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Boom Times For CBD Oil In Tennessee

This change is being welcomed by the state’s CBD oil dealers. They say that they are seeing increasing queues of opioid addicts seeking a legal, non-addictive cure for their pain problems.

One store owner says that he regularly has repeat customers break down in tears to express their joy at finally being able to contain their pain without being dependent on the cure.

They expect this upward sales trend to continue as the state further cracks down in its local war on opioids.

Vendors stress that CBD oil is and will remain legal in Tennessee and it must not be confused with medical marijuana which, for the moment, remains illegal and is not available for sale throughout the state.

The evidence for CBD oil’s efficacy with pain keeps growing every day. If you haven’t tried it, yet, for your pain – you really should.

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