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I Use CBD Oil Because I Hate Being High

HI, I’m Thomas Home and I run Pain Authority. People keep asking me what it is that I think works best for pain and it’s impossible to give a simple answer to a question like that.

Everyone’s pain is different but I can tell you what I use for my pain and why I think CBD oil is the solution for many people and why it’s better than getting high.

What Kind Of Pain Do I Deal With?

When I was young, I suffered from really bad hay fever. I mean hay fever like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t breathe properly all summer, my eyes swelled shut, it was awful. Then, our family physician told me that a steroidal injection would put an end to my hay fever but there would be a price.

He told me that it was highly likely that as I got older I would develop arthritis in my knees and other joints. That this would be painful and debilitating. I needed to understand that I wasn’t going to get rid of my hay fever for free. I made the decision to take the steroids.

Now, I have arthritic knees which give me chronic pain. Not every day is the same, but every day is painful, I am living with pain 24/7. I need something to help and while prescription drugs take the edge off, they don’t always do the whole job. Then I need a little extra.

I tried marijuana for the pain and it worked but I found that there were significant downsides for me.

I Don’t Believe Smoking Marijuana Is Good For You

Firstly, let me acknowledge that you don’t have to smoke marijuana, you can eat it or drink it instead. However, the fastest way to get marijuana working is to burn it and inhale it. That’s how a huge number of medical marijuana users are dealing with their pain; smoking.

I doubt that a joint a day is going to turn out as smoking a bunch of cancer sticks either, but I don’t think it’s going to prove totally harmless in the long run either. Your lungs aren’t supposed to be used for anything other than breathing. Covering them in smoke may ensure a rapid uptake of THC but sooner or later, it’s going to damage your lungs.

I’ve made one medical trade off in my life already. I am not going to swap knee pain for lung cancer now.

Then There’s The Problem Of Getting High

Getting high on marijuana feels great, I’d be a liar if I said otherwise. The trouble is that you can’t live your life high. You can’t drive, legally, ethically or morally, when you’re high. You can’t go to work high. You can’t take care of your kids properly if you’re high. In short, getting high is a bad solution to life’s problems even when you live with chronic pain.

Imagine, coming home to a parent who no longer suffers from pain but who now spends all day watching the cartoon network and ordering pizza delivery service! It’s not much of a change for the better, right?

Also, Marijuana’s Not Legal Everywhere

I was brought up to say “no to drugs,” and that meant “no to illegal drugs.” Sure, many states have set the wheels in motion for legalization, but the federal government hasn’t signed off on that. That means even in states where medical marijuana is “legal” it might not be “legal.”

I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t want a criminal record. I don’t want to have problems traveling to other countries. I want to live the kind of life that I can be proud of. That means marijuana is a problem for me.

You Can Try CBD Oil, Risk-Free, So Order Now

So, I Use CBD Oil For The Pain Instead

Having recognized that marijuana isn’t the right fit for my life, I wanted to see if there was a way to get the benefits of marijuana without actually taking marijuana. It turns out there is a legal alternative that doesn’t involve getting high and which has the pain killing effect of pot – it’s CBD oil.

CBD oil is otherwise known as cannabidiol oil. It’s a bit of a mouthful but you may have noticed that cannabidiol sounds a lot like “cannabis”. That’s because CBD oil is based on the cannabidiol which is present in marijuana (cannabis).

CBD oil claims to work in a similar way to marijuana on the body’s pain sensors but at the same time – it doesn’t get you high, you don’t have to smoke it and it’s 100% legal. That is all the gain without any of the “pain”. Literally in this case but it gets rid of your pain.

I Was Sceptical At First

I wasn’t positive that CBD oil was going to work for me. That’s because it doesn’t contain any THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. I thought that THC had to be playing a substantial role in pain relief.

However, I was offered a risk-free trial of CBD oil (just like the one we’re offering you on this site) and I found that I was wrong to be reluctant. CBD oil works wonders for my knee pain. I still use my prescription medication but when it’s not enough, I use a little CBD oil, and everything is back under control and I am most definitely NOT feeling high.

I am not the only person to report similar benefits this study published in 2008, showed that CBD oil had a significant effect on the management of difficult to treat pain.

I Use CBD Oil Because I Hate Being High

I’ll be the first to admit that some people enjoy getting high and I am not here to rain on their parade. All I am saying is that it’s not for me. I am a businessman, a husband and a father and my responsibilities demand my 100% focus, care, love, and attention. I don’t want to smoke pot and get high. I want a safe, legal, healthy treatment for my pain and I believe that I have found it in CBD oil.

If you’re wondering whether or not to try it, take advantage of the risk-free trial on this website, then you can decide for yourself at no risk whatsoever. We also have a sweepstakes on at the moment where you might be able to win some additional CBD oil!  I hope it helps with your pain as much as it has with my knee!

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  1. They do have marijuana strains that have incredibly low levels of THC, and work in tandem with the CBD components to provide far better pain relief than CBD alone.
    I ask that everyone do their own research and not try and sway or deter people from looking in to using medical marijuana programs to be able to discuss their own debilitating conditions, including chronic pain diseases as going to or even calling a qualified dispensary and expressing your concerns while explaining your conditions can only benefit you in finding additional tx options!!
    I currently am in the process and am so excited to work with my ortho, primary and dispensary to start trying out their recommendations for my pain management!!
    So PLEASE!?!? Contact a legal dispensary before you automatically rule out what could be your best treatment option and help you live again, which is MY hope. Thank you! jill

  2. I have been researching cbc oils for my chronic pain. It would be fantastic to win, so I could try your cbc oil!!

  3. I would love to try your product but I don’t have credit cards to pay for the shipping, I just never shop on line. Maybe I can find someone to help me.Thanks

  4. I have tried the Pure CBS Oil, and unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.
    I have crushed discs am vertebraes that are slowly degenerating. 15 yrs. of hell, tired of opiods, muscle relaxants, and almost everything made for pain.
    After all this time, nothing works, so I tried the CBD Oil. And again it didn’t work. I am about to give up.

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