What Are The Most Common Uses For CBD Oil?

This is a great question from Erin of Alabama. She wants to know, “what is CBD oil most used for in America? It is it mainly for chronic pain or are there other uses?”

Here’s what you need to know.

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The 7 most common uses for CBD oil:

  1. Chronic Pain. Yes, pain control is one of the most popular uses of CBD oil and rightly so. It’s non-addictive, powerful, legal and doesn’t get you high. I use CBD oil for my arthritis and would encourage anyone in pain to use it too.
  2. You’d think a hemp extract would increase anxiety but there’s plenty of evidence to show it reduces it instead.
  3. CNN brought this use to the national eye when they released their documentary “WEED” and showed how CBD oil can help prevent fits and other epilepsy-related complications.
  4. Depression often goes hand-in-hand with anxiety and pain, so there are no surprises that CBD oil has been demonstrated to help reduce levels of depression.
  5. Not only does CBD oil assist with arthritic pain but it also appears to help with the swelling in joints that causes the pain in the first place. Topical applications can be really useful for this.
  6. There is early research that provides an indication that CBD oil can help reduce or postpone cellular damage resulting from diabetic complications.
  7. Drug addiction. CBD has been shown to help get addicts off heroin, alcohol and even tobacco with smokers reporting it is 40% easier to quit when they’re using CBD oil!

Many of these conditions are, of course, inter-related but as you can see. CBD oil is a versatile treatment with many applications and not just for chronic pain.

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  1. I use CBD oil, but I am not sure if I am getting any effect; well maybe my anxiety is a bit better. I just don’t really feel different after taking it? I bought it for IBS, however it doesn’t work for it.
    Its not your product. I would like to try the free trial but the form won’t take my postal code… I have tried countless times.

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