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What Is CBC And How Is It Different From CBD?

Christine recently asked about how to try CBC oil when she found our CBD oil trial. Here’s what you need to know about CBC (Cannabichromene) and why CBD oil will help in the same way.

CBC Oil The New Wonder Drug?

CBD (Cannabidiol Oil) Oil is an extract from marijuana. It does not contain THC which is the active ingredient of marijuana that makes most users feel high when they smoke or eat it.

What is left is a large number of cannabinoids. These are also active ingredients with a range of psychoactive effects. Unfortunately, we do not know much about the exact effects of each of these ingredients.

This is because it’s expensive to extract them individually and would appear to have limited benefits given that CBD oil already has proven links to alleviating people’s pain. As there are no known negative side effects of CBD oil, this is what most people use for pain.

I Want To Try A Free Trial Of CBD Oil For My Pain

CBC Is The Exception

CBC, however, is an exception to this rule. It makes up one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in CBD oil and it’s therefore possible – though expensive – to extract it.

So, that’s what some scientists have been doing. And yes, CBC oil has been shown to have beneficial properties. Just like CBD oil has.

So, why aren’t we recommending it? Mainly, because it offers no additional benefits over and above the oils already on the market. It’s also more expensive and as I know, CBD oil isn’t exactly cheap, why would I try to get people to spend even more money unless they really had to?

So, I do strongly recommend that you try CBD Oil as I’ve said before, but I think until CBC oil becomes easier to find and more commercially viable – it’s best to stick to CBD oil for the time being for your pain.


  1. I’ve try one CBD oil and it Did Not work for me I tried 500 twice a day for Months! I was going to be a distributor speaking and informing people all about it and selling it But in Good Faith I could Not Honestly sell something I don’t believe in!!!!

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