CBD oil is full of cannabinoids and they are good for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Take CBD Vape Oil Orally

As you may know by now, there are 3 effective methods to take CBD oil for your pain: vaping, sublingually and in edibles.

It is important for you to know that you shouldn’t buy CBD oil for one purpose and then switch it out to another and in the case of CBD Vape Oil, in particular, you really don’t want to take it orally. Here’s why:

Vape Oil Isn’t The Right Formula

Vape oil has been formulated for burning not eating. That means it contains a different blend of CBD and other chemicals which aren’t tested for oral consumption. You can chew tobacco, for example, but you wouldn’t chew a cigarette – it’s the same thing with vape oil and oral consumption of CBD.

Choose Tincture, Concentrate Or Edibles For Eating

If you want to take your CBD oil sublingually or eat it – you ought to buy products designed for consumption by mouth. These tend to be tinctures, concentrates, and edible products.

These will contain slightly more CBD oil on average than vape oil, no potentially dangerous chemicals and may have been enhanced by the manufacturer for easier absorption into your system.

If You’ve Already Bought Vape Oil

If you’ve already bought vape oil; you have two options:

  1. Try and return it. If you haven’t opened it – call your supplier and ask them if they’ll take it back and provide an oral solution instead.
  2. Vape it. In order to vape a CBD oil; you will need to buy a vape oil pen of some description in order to consume the oil as it was intended. You can either buy an expensive model that will last a long time or a disposable “one-time use” model.

So, please don’t take CBD vape oil orally. For all your CBD oil needs consider Lazarus Naturals – I think they’re great.

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