CBD Gummies

THC Gummies or CBD Gummies?

If you’ve been keeping up with here on Pain Authority; you’ll know that we’re strong advocates of CBD oil. CBD is an extract of hemp or marijuana which does not contain THC and thus, it won’t get you high, however, it retains many of the other properties that makes marijuana useful in medicine.

CBD can reduce inflammation, help manage chronic pain, prevent epileptic fits and much more. Because it doesn’t get you high – CBD is completely legal throughout the United States and Canada.

It is commonly taken sublingually or vaped but it’s also possible to make gummies to consume it too.

So, should you make CBD gummies or THC gummies?

CBD Gummies

These are legal and won’t get you high. The downside of CBD is that it is relatively expensive, particularly when compared to buying marijuana.

THC Gummies

If you live in a state where marijuana is illegal – these are simply not an option. You don’t want to get into preparing marijuana and thus fall foul not just of possession laws but potentially of supply laws too. We love our readers and we don’t want them in jail.

If, however, marijuana is legal in your state – this is a cheaper way to do things, but you must be aware that it will also make you high and may impair your ability to do other activities safely and legally. Don’t take THC gummies and drive or operate heavy machinery, for example.

How To Make THC Gummies & How To Make CBD Gummies

Making gummies is similar for both THC gummies and CBD gummies. However, there are a few extra steps if you want to make THC gummies before you begin.

Firstly, you need to treat the marijuana using a process called decarboxylation. This is something that would happen naturally but over a very, very long time. It’s designed to maximize the psychoactive properties of the THC in your marijuana.

We recommend that you watch this useful video to see how you put cannabis through decarboxylation; it’s not hard but it is a little fiddly.

Once that’s done you need to prepare a tincture of the cannabis so that it can be used in the cooking process. The easiest way to do this is to soak it in a high-proof grade alcohol (the people we know who do this use Everclear but any alcohol is fine).

This is best done for a period of a few weeks but if you’re in a hurry, wait a few minutes, vigorously shake the mixture, and then repeat this process about 5-10 times.

It won’t be as good, but it will let you make your gummies today.

CBD users don’t need to prepare their CBD into oil because they’re buying it off the shelf already in oil.

CBD users also have the advantage that they can gauge the strength of their gummies pretty easily; you can calculate the dose/gummy reasonably accurately as long as you have a metered dropper and the dose written on the bottle.

THC users, on the other hand, are going to have to experiment to find the sweet spot when it comes to dosage.

Ingredients Required For Gummies

The good news is that once you have the oil, the rest of this process is very easy to undertake. The ingredients are really simple:

  • Fruit juice and gelatin powder OR Jell-O and water
  • Small gummy Jell-O molds
  • CBD oil or THC oil

How To Make Those CBD Gummies And THC Gummies

Begin with some fruit juice (or just buy Jell-O mix). Then heat the mix until it comes to a light simmer. If you’re using fruit juice, you add the gelatin powder slowly at this point and whisk rapidly to mix well.

Then turn off the heat. Slowly add as much oil as you need to make your gummies. Then pour the mix into the Jell-O molds.

Place the molds in the refrigerator and leave for at least half an hour before you eat the gummies.

You can keep gummies in the freezer pretty much forever if you want to store them for a long time.

Tips For Making The Best Gummies

You’re not actually making Jell-O. That means you want to keep the amount of liquid you use to about 25% of the liquid you would use to make Jell-O. So, if the pack/recipe says 2 cups of water, you use half a cup to make gummies.

If you intend to keep your gummies in the refrigerator – you should be aware that they will go off. We’d eat them within a week of making them. Gummies that you buy off the shelf may have added preservatives – you can follow the on-packet instructions on their shelf-life.

The Advantages Of Gummies

Still not sure why it would be worth making gummies in the first place? Well, let’s take a look at the advantages of gummies against CBD oil and THC oil’s traditional consumption methods:

  • Easy dosing. Once you’ve worked out the right dosage, you can easily pop a gummy in your mouth anywhere. No counting out drops or antisocial vaping required. Nobody will bat an eyelid when you eat a gummy.
  • Easy storage. If you drop an expensive bottle of CBD oil, you’re going to rue your bad luck when it shatters. When you drop a small bag of gummies, you’re not going to damage anything at all.
  • Easy social consumption. Nobody wants to be “that druggie” but until social attitudes to CBD and THC catch up to the science, that’s what people who does out of bottles or smoke their drugs are going to be thought of as. People who eat gummies, on the other hand, are just fond of candy. Everyone likes candy.


Gummies are an easy way to consume both THC and CBD. We always recommend CBD because it’s legal and won’t get you high but if you choose THC, that’s your right too. Don’t forget though, THC requires more work if you want to make your own gummies.


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