Sweet Slumber With Waterbase Pillow


Do you toss and turn each night? Enter to win a Mediflow Waterbase Pillow and get a good night’s sleep! As a long-time sufferer of truly severe neck pain, I can tell you without hesitation that this pillow works like a charm! I love mine! Good luck!

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to be eligible to win the pillow. I look forward to trying the pillow and not waking up with a sore neck or shoulder.

    I’m sure that there are many others that are hoping to be the winner. Good luck to all!

    Thank you.


  2. Hoping to “test drive” one of these fantastic sounding pillows!! If it helps my sleeping will definitely purchase another for my husband! Thank you for the chance of winning!!!!!!!

  3. I haven’t had good sleep in years. I have tried several pillows to ease my arthritis pain. This sounds wonderful. I am a believe in the miraculous was we find to use water for comfort. This sounds like the most supportive pillow I have seen yet.

  4. Have a herniated disc at C6 and think this pillow would do wonders to help me be comfortable and get some sleep. Can only imagine how nice a water based pillow would feel. Thanks for the good luck, I need it, haven’t had much of that lately.

  5. My neck would be thankful for this amazing pillow. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes so that I have a chance to win some relief.

  6. *********Is anyone or has anyone gotten an error message stating “400 Bad Request
    It is not a valid request!”?? I am getting this about everyday. Thought i would ask you and see if you have ever had this problem? Thank you for your time. God bless

  7. OMG I sure wish I win this pillow maybe I’ll be a to get a good night sleep with out flipping the pillow trying to find a cool spot and comfort

    • I need this pillow for my husband who has sleep apneiaand he snores. I believe we both could benefit from this wonderful pillow.Even if i’m not even picked as the very lucky winner I want one of this amazing pillow.

  8. Never found a pillow that help my neck wake up with crook in my neck every morning, I would love to try your pillows.

  9. I literally need to try this pillow for my stiff, painful neck and it may even help with my headaches. Thank you for the chance to enter this sweepstakes.

  10. I been dianost with Osteoartrithis advance in my torax, waist and column. Is hard for me to sleep 3 hours or more continuesly

  11. I need this for my neck. The chiropractor asked me if I fell out of a tree when I was a child after looking at my CAT scan, I forgot the reason for this question cause it was a long time ago like in my 30’s. I am now 62.

  12. This would make my life go so much easier. I can’t afford no $100 pillow….wish i could!Pick me i need rest so badly!!

  13. I dont sleep all night,When I do wake up my neck and shoulders hurt.Ive tried all kin ds of pillows.hope the water pillow can help me.

  14. I would love to try this pillow. I am using a my pillow which is not that great. I need something that support my neck.

  15. I have a steal plate between two disc in my neck, a bulging disc in my back and nerve damage on both sides of my body. I would love to get a good night sleep

  16. I’ve been searching 4 a pillow for my messed up neck,this pillow sounds very INTERESTING ! I’d love to win it, as I couldn’t afford to buy one.

  17. After being the “hittee” 5 times, resulting in 5 whiplash injuries (4 in 2 years), I think this pillow would be a lifesaver! Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. I just learned today from my back surgeon that I have degenerative facet joint changes …5 of them in my spine.
    I have trouble sleeping because of the pain and trying to get a good position for sleeping.
    I think these pillows would help me tremendously.
    Would love to win one of your pillows.

    God bless.

  19. It would be a dream come true to win this pillow,I suffer from chronic neck and back pain,I have for years I would really be the happiest person alive if I were to wini couldn’t imagine sleeping all night and waking up without severe pain in my neck***

  20. I have bad neck and and back and shoulder pain i would like to win this so that i could get me some sleep for once ever since the pain that i have i have not been able to get any sleep at all💖This face is me now in pain 😢and this face is waiting to see if i won 😀and this face is after i win i really hope that i win thank you all so very much.😃

    • Would love to win this pillow I have sleeping in a chair now for 6yrs do to the amount of pain i am in i cannot lay down on either side and i can’t lay flat so I surround my chair in pillows its helps as much as it can but I would really love this pillow it looks like a dream the operations that I had forced 8 screws &3rodstopush though the disc in my back and caused all 8 to fracture lfeel for allyou suffering hang in there.thank you painAuthority. net

  21. I would Love To Win The Pillow, I wake up hot at night plus I get migraines everyday and night. Would love to have this Comfortable Pillow.

  22. I would Live to win this pillow. I am a retired Nurse. Due to all the heavy lifting of patients. I have had 3 Cervical Spine Surgeries with fusions
    I believe this pillow would help me sleep better. Good Luck to All.

  23. It’s worth a try, have degenerative osteoarthritis, feet, 4 Knee replacements, metal in the back, more arthritis is back, hips neck. The wrist and hands have fast degenerative arthritis, one wrist fusion metal taken out in a month later, staph in both wrist, one knee and back. Second time my wife was told I wouldn’t make it, second time with staph. Most pain medicine dose not work, had the test, creams, what ever, take what i have tolerate the rest. Could try pillow, but think my wife would do better with.

    • Oh MY goodness, I so could have used this pillow earlier. I have ruptured disc in my neck and it was swollen and gave me a bad headache while ago till I almost vomited! I’d love to win this, well anything really lol. I do this sweepstakes thing with several groups and have never won or instant win games either!🤔😟

  24. I would love this, I suffer from chronic neck and back pain. I would be in heaven if I got a good night’s sleep

    • I agree I wake up way to early ,back pain that goes into my right hip now be,great to get a good night’s sleep.to win would be awesome.thanks.

      • Have an idea how both of you feel. It’s miserable having chronic pain. Have herniated discs C6, L4, L5 and S1 along with nerve damage and arthritis of a person 20 years older than I am.
        Don’t even know what a good nights sleep is anymore. Good luck to the both of you!

  25. I would like to win this sweet slumber with water for my husband. He is has sleep apnea and has to have a C-Pap machine. He needs this to help him have a good nights sleep.

  26. I have a bad shoulder and the right side of my neck stays swollen because of it! I would love to win this pillow to see if it would help me sleep at night! I also have a bad back! I am tired of always being in pain!

    • Sounds good to me. I have arthritis all over my body. Am going through chemotherapy for Leukemia. Am having side effects every day and need good sleep even for a nap 2x day. A good pillow would help me to relax, assist with my pains and probably be good for my neck. If it would I would shout it from the rooftops.


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