A woman with clear skin as might be achieved with a CBD oil treatment.

CBD Oil For Your Skin

Many people don’t realize that skin complains can cause both distress and pain. This pain isn’t limited to the pain of inflammation or irritation but also includes the psychological pain that comes from feeling not quite right.

Did you know that CBD oil can be used to help treat painful skin conditions as well as being used for other ailments? Well, it can.

Here’s what you need to know:

Topical Preparations Of CBD Oil

If you want to treat your skin with CBD oil; it’s best to tackle the problem directly. You could consume CBD oil orally or vape it but then it has a long way to travel to get to your skin. It’s better to purchase a topical preparation which can be rubbed into the affected area.

It Moisturizes

This probably has less to do with the CBD oil in the topical preparation and more to do with the fact that the base is usually a moisturizer. However, CBD oil is a fat and fats are moisturizing agents. Whether it has a dramatic additional effect over the base, is currently unproven, so you’ll need to test it for yourself.

It Helps Clear Up Acne And Other Forms Of Skin Irritation

This is definitely observable. I get a little psoriasis on my elbows and lower arms at times and I find CBD creams really do help with that. This is really important because the old coal tar treatments, which were so effective for psoriasis, have been withdrawn from sale.

CBD oil in topical form may also help as a general cleanser for your skin. Because it’s an oil, it’s easy to dissolve makeup into the preparation and then to wipe away the cream and the makeup easily. This preparation is also cost-effective compared with many brand name cleansers.

If you want to try CBD oil on your skin, I recommend Myaderm CBD Cream. 


  1. I tried a CBD product that is labeled Pure CBD and has a cannibis leaf below the writing , it was a gel tab containing oil and the 30 tablet bottle very expensive ( $80.00) and it did absolutely nothing for me!!! I am a pain management patient and had high expectations. I don’t know if it was a rip off and contained cooking oil or it just does not work for me. That’s the problem with no regulated items

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