CBD For Pain Relief

CBD For Pain

CBD is Cannabidiol Oil and it is a form of cannabinoid (yes, it’s found in cannabis) and it is regularly used by some people who suffer from chronic pain. You can use CBD for pain relief and for anti-inflammatory purposes as well as general discomfort.

As you might expect, CBD is derived from marijuana. However, it can be bought legally though the products are not, yet, regulated for use in medicine by the US Food and Drug Administration (the FDA).

That means they may not be of a consistent quality when you buy CBD from some sources. (Note: if you buy “cannabis oil” there’s a good chance that this is CBD but it might be an oil extract from cannabis itself and this is illegal in many states and of questionable legality in all states).

Why Choose CBD Over Cannabis?

There are two major advantages of CBD for pain relief over cannabis:

  1. CBD is legal in the United States at this moment in time. You will not get into trouble for consuming CBD.
  2. CBD does not get you “high”. That means you can use CBD and continue to work and do things at home without impairment. You buy CBD to manage your pain and not to develop a habit.

CBD can also be a good alternative to opiates. However, if you are using opiates either on prescription or illegally, it is a good idea to consult a physician before trying to wean yourself off these drugs as withdrawal can be dangerous.

CBD For Arthritic Pain Relief

CBD has not undergone human trials for arthritic pain relief yet but initial studies in 2016 using rats show that CBD has a very pocan result in a demonstrable reduction in both inflammation and pain. It’s worth noting that this study also suggests that CBD gel or topical application might be a good way to deal with the pain of arthritis.

CBD For Chronic Pain Relief

The exact mechanism of how CBD works in our brains is not yet fully understood but scientists think it works like this:

  • ·         CBD interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system
  • ·         This, in turn, blocks those receptors from sending pain and inflammation messages to other cell

That means that CBD should be very helpful with chronic pain and the evidence shows that this is true.

CBD For Cancer Pain Relief

You might also buy CBD to deal with pain if you have cancer. It’s important to know that as yet, there has been no major investigation into CBD for pain relief for cancer. However, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) believes that it may well be useful to reduce or alleviate symptoms caused by chemotherapy.

CBD Side Effects

Are there any side effects of using CBD? There are no significant or dangerous side effects of CBD currently known. However, some users have reported that they suffer from mild nausea, irritability and sleep problems.

There are no withdrawal symptoms for CBD.

It is not recommended by doctors for children to use CBD because there might be effects on brain development.

How Can I Try CBD For My Pain?

This is a great question and we’d like to recommend that you try to find and join a CBD medical trial. This means you can be sure of the quality of the product as well as be a part of helping other people get reliable CBD for pain relief in the future.

CBD can be part of a greater strategy for living with pain and it is OK to use CBD with most other treatments (natural and pharmaceutical) for pain. However, if you are unsure about anything, please consult your physician before using CBD.


  1. Iam been having pain fir the last 20 years which it got werse these past couple if years i have many fractures in my back that i cant do any kind of work because if i do i would be in major pain

  2. Hi I’ve been using CBD 100mg and it helped at first now it don’t work I have chronic pain in lower back plus both of my feet kill me with pain that I can’t stand very long. I’m in therapy and I’m still drying in pain which they said I’d have to do the therapy for the rest of my life. Suffering with so much pain and I cannot deal with the PAIN. I’ve tried 100mgs don’t work just like my meds they don’t help either.

  3. Hi I’ve been using CBD 100mg and it helped at first now it don’t work I have chronic pain in lower back plus both of my feet kill me with pain that I can’t stand very long. I’m in therapy and I’m still drying in pain which they said I’d have to do the therapy for the rest of my life. Suffering with so much pain and I cannot deal with the PAIN.

  4. I have hyper extended my knee 3 times now since my Husband passed.I had to do both our chores at home including carrying wood from the barn to the house while butt deap in snow! The other thing I love about this oil is I have anxiety disorders including PTSD & it helps me with that also!!I felt less anxious & calmer!!! I love it but it is rather expensive for me as a Widow and the sole caregiver of my Autistic Daughter. Hope I can get some!! Thanks !

  5. Love to win this!! I had thyroid cancer and I have sciatica and now I have tumor that could be cancer. I am always in pain. I had 6 surgeries within 4 years.Please help me with my pain!

  6. I sure hope this will be my help I have searched for, some times I can even walk my leg goes out I have neurophty in my feet, frbo, and Arthur all over my fingers are bent with pain, if this helps, I will scream to u for getting in touch with me…………Thank u very much!

  7. I have scoliosis and TMJ problems. The scoliosis is not severe but since I have gotten older, I have been having severe lower back pain. I do take muscle relaxants and Subutex but the pain is still there. Also, my jaws have been getting worse and it is getting hard to open my mouth very wide and my jaw gets “tired”of chewing food. I also have neck problems and cannot turn my neck enough to look behind me so I have to turn my whole body around to see behind me. I do not know if this would help me or not be I would like to try it to see before I purchase it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes.

  8. I’ve had Fibromyalgia over 20 years now. I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease, bulging disks. Depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. In May I was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease – Chronic Inflammatory demyelinating Polyneuropathy or CIDP. Only 3-9 out of 100,000 people develop it (lucky me)… My immune system is attacking the covering of my nerves, eating away at it. The messages from the brain get garbled where the covering is missing, causing loss of balance, numbness, and gait problems in legs and feet. Now it’s moved into my arms and hands, causing problems with fine motor skills. And now ocular migraines. I scarcely take my opioid meds for fear of addiction. CBD oil could help immensely with the pain. Thank you for this opportunity. And may God bless all of you who deal with pain and other medical issues. Let our voices be heard!!

  9. I have had Fibromyalgia for 10 yrs along with a plate in muLch leg due to a fractured femur. I recently tried CBD tincture under the tongue and was amazed with the results. It works!!!!!! Just to let those who are Diabetic (I am type 1) it does lower the blood sugar significantly. Had to lower my insulin pump settings. Wish the CB D wasn’t so expensive. I know the process to produce it is extensive.

  10. Where’s the link to the free sample? I have sciatica, scoliosis, herniated & bulging disks in my lower back & arthritis! I’m only 39 & was diagnosed with many of these at 9 yrs old & sciatica & scoliosis around 10 years ago! I’ve been on SS Disability since I was a teenager! I AM DONE WITH OPIATES…THEY’RE NOT WORTH IT & I DON’T LIKE THE AFTER EFFECTS SO I’M LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NATURAL WITH LITTLE TO NO SIDE EFFECTS! I’d really like to try this out! I tried the link through my first email & it said bad address, so I’m where to go to try it for free before I might purchase any!?

  11. I’ve read so many good things about this and have wanted to try it for a long time. Not sure what sites are the best to buy from and some are just too expensive for me. Being able to try this first from a trusted source would be wonderful and I would be so grateful. I have herniated discs C6, L4, L5, S1, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, essential tremors, etc. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  12. I tried to sign up for the CBD Oil advertised on this site however I was sent to a page that said it is no longer available. Do you know of other ways I can obtain CBD Oil for my Chronic Pain. Want to try because nothing prescribed is working. Please Help

      • I can’t find the link anymore but received an e-mail from Thomas at Pain Authority yesterday. That had a link to free CBD Oil also but it didn’t work. Tried to reply but it was returned as unsendable. Could you please send me in the right direction to receive the free sample. Thanks so much for your time. I’ve mentioned in an earlier comment how badly I’ve wanted to try this, chronic pain at an 8 on the scale wile trying to do things is no fun. Thanks so much for your time and what you do here to help.

  13. This would be a blessing in disguise. I have bursitis in both hips, and to be pain free even for a day would be awesome!! Thank you for the chance

  14. It all sounds like the old west snake oil peddlers! I live with uncontrolled chronic pain after 4 unsuccessful spine surgeries and the removal of a brain tumor. Broke I am so , yes , i’d Like to try CBD but after that so probably couldn’t afford it 😭

  15. It all sounds as horrible as me, but how do u decide?
    They’ve all been where I’ve
    bèen. In pain 24/7 What do
    u do?

  16. I attend a pain clinic and have tried the oil. In order to get some minor relief I had to take four droppers at the time and the 40.00 per bottle I can’t afford. I am not sure the cost of yours or if you have an answer. I am to a point of desperate. I have NO life and not able to go anywhere much. I have fibromyalgia, osteo, lupus and now lymph nodes going crazy. Pain meds do not work either. Do you have an answer??

  17. Do you know why the State of Utah has stopped all ordering of the CBD oils? I have even tried to order the Capsules and even the Gummies. It simply says that it is temporarily unavailable in my area and to check back later. Can you find out why? Does Utah consider these to be part of the Opiods war? Or does Utah want everyone to be in PAIN? They are outlawing all opiods and trying to stop all pain relievers – now CBD !!!

  18. I would love to win this. I have a very limited funds along with a lot of pain from fibromyalgia. I currently take lyrica, but it is proving to not be effective… 🙁

    • Hello, I too suffer from chronic pain and will be trying CBD oil. I have taken Lyrica in the past and know it has limited effect and you can not take it for extended periods. I am presently taking Gabapentin at 1800 mg. and it has given me good relief.

  19. I have fibromyalgia and live with constant unrelenting pain. My doctor has prescribed lyrica, but for a 1 month supply of the least effective dose of capsules is about $10.00 each capsule. I simply cannot afford that. I would seriously love to be a part of the trial.

  20. I hope I can win because I can’t afford to buy this product. Been out of work for over two years. I have had two surgeries on my back and have been diagnosed with R.A.. My hands are in so much pain all the time and now my wrist are too. None of the meds they give me help at all. I just want to be out of pain. Hopefully i’ll win and this will relieve me of some of the pain i’m in and maybe even take down some of the swelling .

  21. I really hope I win this because I cannot afford to buy it! I have a spine thing where the one bone is at least halfway across the next one and the disk between is completely worn away! Hoping they will agree to an operation but if it snaps it would at least be good to have not felt so much pain in the mean time! Thanks for both opportunities and it would be so good to win this!

    • I hope with good faith I can win this cuz iam on a fixed in come and can not afford it I live with chronic pain every day and I hope I can get this by winning so I can have sum peace of mind where I can get bk to doing wat I luv best and that’s my hobbies and family

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