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Could My Chronic Pain Be All In My Mind?

Hey! Don’t get angry. We know it’s really not fun when somebody says, “it’s all in your mind!” However, it’s perfectly OK for a chronic pain sufferer to wonder, as Richard in New Jersey does, whether their pain is all in the mind? Is it? Let’s find out.

The Real Answer Is Maybe

This answer sucks but it’s the right answer all the same. Chronic pain is a funny thing. There are often easy to discover physical causes of chronic pain but there’s an awful lot of evidence to show that fixing these causes, often doesn’t fix the pain.

So, what’s going on? Well, firstly there’s the fact that some damage can’t be fixed quickly. Sure, you can treat damaged nerves, but they aren’t going to regrow overnight. So, it might be that the “treatment” has worked but the results aren’t ready yet.

But… this ignores the fact that for many people with chronic pain, there is no evidence of a physical problem triggering the pain.

Recent research has shown that for many people in chronic pain, a lifestyle change is needed in order to rid yourself of pain. That means changes in the way we eat and the way we exercise and seeking help through therapy to think about our pain differently. This suggests that some element of chronic pain is, in fact, in the mind.

But Does It Matter?

This is the crux of things though Richard; it probably doesn’t matter if your pain is 100% in your body or 100% in your mind or a mix starting somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t make it any less painful does it?

If you want to deal with your pain, you should talk to a medical professional. You could try something like CBD oil for your pain, it’s what I use. You could try any of the natural remedies suitable for those living with pain and when you find something that works, then you can say goodbye to your pain.

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  1. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis,Degenerative joints,disks.Inflammatory Disease,Lupus.Psoriatic Arthritis up spine etc.I have tried everything under the sun there is nothing for my Sacraliliac joints is there?That is my Chronic Pain.The rest I can deal with.

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