The Dammit Doll Stress Relief Sweepstakes


Being sick is no fun but what if you could make it a little fun when things are at their most painful? That’s a question that the makers of the Dammit Doll asked themselves.

Cancer, they acknowledge, is hardly a bundle of laughs and in fact, it can be extremely painful and debilitating. It may also not end happily for the sufferer. So how do you help someone in that condition without trivializing their pain?

Letting It All Out Can Help

Study after study has shown that when we are stressed, internalizing that stress can be very bad for us. It’s why scientists now believe that stress may have life-shortening effects because we allow it to eat away at us inside.

The Dammit Doll is designed to allow us to externalize our stress when things get really bad. Instead of shouting at our partners or friends or family or weeping in silence, the Dammit Doll is made out of really tough material.

So, when things are at their worst – you can throw it across the room, slam it on the floor or jump up and down on it. You won’t hurt the doll and you won’t hurt anyone else but oh boy! It feels good.

There’s Another Good Reason To Use A Dammit Doll

The best reason to buy a Dammit Doll is this – the manufacturers are giving away 50% of all their profits from the sale to a range of cancer-related causes. So, not only do you help with your own pain but you also help other peoples’ pain in the long run!

I love this and I bought one at home, even though I don’t have cancer, because it’s such a good cause. I also bought one for one of our lucky readers. If you’d like to win one please enter the sweepstakes below and come back daily to increase your chances. ENTER NOW.

If you’d like to buy one in support of a good cause, you can find the Dammit Doll at Amazon here.



  1. This is not for me. My best friend has two types of cancer and he doesn’t deserve it.we have been frends fourty five years and as sick as I am. It’s not for me . We were guys that fixed everything to guys that can’t barely walk . So I pray God will see fit for me to win this doll for him.i don’t find it amusing that some people on here are taking this as a joke.Shame I on them. Thank you and God bless you all.

  2. I have what is called Trichatillamania, I pull my hair out. I have been doing it for over 60 years and I have been trying to stop. I need a dam it doll to keep my hands out of my hair.

  3. Damit is my word and with all I have to say it about this would be perfect for me then many I’ll quit losing my hair from pulling it out.

  4. i need and want this doll where do youenter to win??????? ima sick of shots injections meds and side effects heck they are killing me them doctors all they want is the $ for doing the service thats actually not needed m sux!!!!!!

    • Could not believe when I saw these dolls. They were so popular some years ago. I could certainly use one now. Great stress reducer.

  5. My eldest son has lung cancer and I’d love to win this doll and send it to him. He is a tad old to have a doll as a plaything but I’m sure it would bring a smile to his face just looking at it.

  6. I would look ‘ve to win this My friend Candy is an ovarian cancer survivor yes she was pregnant and her Daughters Name is Angel she’s 17yrs old now and Candy is still here now she has Tumor in her head .they are watching her closely this Doll is for her.please Facebook please

  7. I’d love to have one of these, however I’d want one in purple that represents fibromyalgia,and one that represents mental health disease.
    My grandma made me a damit doll about 25 years ago,same concept,but I like your colors best, lol.

  8. I would love to win this for my cousin! She had both breasts removed and was told she has breast cancer again she could sure use this

  9. Stress has been overwhelming me lately. So many aspects of my life have changed and I am now trying to find myself and where in fit in again. I would love to have the dammit doll before the stress levels build and eventually kill who I am or once was. Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Ha Ha – Could have used this for the past 3 months of dealing with a Homeowners Insurance Claim! Hope I win anyway!


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