Here we see an injection which might be used to deliver a narcotic to stop someone's pain.

Do Doctors In The US Prescribe Narcotics Too Easily For Pain?

Geraldine is suffering from pain but she is worried too. Her doctor has prescribed an opiate for her intense pain and she wants to know, “Do doctors in the United States prescribe narcotics too easily for pain? Shouldn’t they be trying to avoid addiction and trying alternative therapies instead?”

The Truth Is Shocking

I understand your concern here Geraldine. I know that many people are worried about becoming opioid addicts and I do recommend that every try CBD oil first for pain management.

However, opioids are incredibly effective for medium-term use to combat pain. There are times when the pharmaceutical option is the right option for those living in pain.

Sadly, the truth is that doctors are not normally in a hurry to prescribe these medications. They too are worried about addiction, and fearful of having to implement programs to monitor their patients to prevent this.

They are also legally discouraged and ethically deterred from reaching for these “big guns” of the painkiller world.

In a recent piece in The State Journal-Register, the evidence appears to be that patients are losing access to prescriptions that they once had. That pain treatment is being withdrawn from people in need!

So, What Do I Recommend?

I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your physician Geraldine. That you understand what your options for living with pain are and that you talk about combining natural therapies with a drug regime.

There are often alternatives to opioids that may be offered by your doctor. If you don’t feel that he or she is sympathetic to your fears, don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion.

I am a big fan of combining drug therapy with natural therapy and don’t think you should ignore medical advice. But you should be confident that your treatment is right for you too. Good luck with it.

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  1. I did pain management and they put me on opioid meds. They would not even attempt to find other pain meds that were not opioids.I quit going and take Tylenol

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