Foot Pain Topricin Relief Cream Giveaway


We’re committed to helping people with their pain at Pain Authority and we know that foot pain is not trivial.

People are on their feet all day. Even the smallest pain at the start of the day has become the largest by the end of it.

That sucks and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that. You can use Topricin Foot Pain Relief Cream to ease the aches away.

They sell the cream over on Amazon and it’s very reasonably priced.  However, one lucky winner won’t need to worry about the cost – because we’re giving it away!

We’ve teamed up with the awesome people at Prizewise to make one lucky reader’s foot pain disappear!  Enter Now 


  1. Would love to win this for my husband. His feet hurt him all the time.
    Sometime he can hardly walk or stand on them because they hurt so bad. Would love for him to be pain free.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes.

  2. I have something called drop foot and my swollen knees and my feet is hurting real bad what can i buy to help me

  3. AWESOME !! 🙂 I would love to receive this pain free product and use it after a longs days work. Sounds amazing and I’m ready to try it, especially FREE you can’t beat it!

  4. I can’t wear shoes at all any more. To go to the doctors office I put on a “shoe” that is toe-less and heal-less…hoping for help.

  5. Would it help plantars fasciitis because I have it bad in my left foot? The pain is horrible to deal with. Thank you for this opportunity

  6. Please let me try something that will relieve my hurting feet. Nerve damage, fallen twice-twisted my right foot. (Which was my good foot) I need to find something that will work with the pain. Forgot diabetic neuropathy. I don’t get a break. Wish all good luck. I will be happy for anyone that wins.

  7. I would love to try this! I have had both my ankles broken two separate times and love with pain shooting all through my feet

  8. Would love to try this for my feet. It is so painful to walk almost all the time, especially by the end of the day. I have bunions and hammer toes and cannot afford surgery at this time. Thank you for this opportunity to enter this sweepstakes.


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