A ring swining back and forth on a chain so someone can receive hypnotherapy for their pain.

How Effective Is Hypnosis In Chronic Pain Management?

It Was New To Us

When we got this question, we didn’t have much of a clue how we would answer it. Neither Jane nor I had been for a hypnosis session for our pain. We also had a feeling that hypnosis might require giving up control of ourselves and we didn’t like that.

We were wrong. Hypnosis is simply a way of working with your subconscious mind to achieve things you are capable of with your conscious mind but which you are struggling to do. It doesn’t involve giving up control to someone else and in fact, you can self-hypnotize for your pain!

Jane Tried A Hypnosis Session

We researched hypnosis and found that PubMed had a couple of papers asserting that it was indeed effective for chronic pain and for the management of chronic pain. So, given that Jane’s back has been giving her trouble recently, she elected to give a hypnotherapy session a try.

She told me, “It was really relaxing. The therapist explained exactly what we would do before the session and gave me confidence that nothing could go wrong. She helped me shift my awareness to the pain and then to work with my body in beating it.”

“After the first session the pain hadn’t gone completely but it had become much less. I was impressed enough that I booked a session with her again for next week. If things don’t work, I’ll let you know but I think that they will.”

Jane also said that she felt much more relaxed and centered as a side-benefit of the treatment.

If you can find a local therapist and you can afford a session, you might want to try it too. If there’s nobody around or it’s too expensive for you – you can try this awesome self-hypnosis course on Amazon, it’s cheap and Jane says it’s nearly as good as working with her therapist.

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