These two people are working out using yoga to try and avoid future pain.

Lifestyle Changes May Be The Best Way To Beat Pain

A recent article in NPR, called For Chronic Pain, A Change In Habits Can Beat Opioids For Relief offers some interesting insights when it comes to managing your own pain.

The gist of it is this: opioids are not delivering for long-term pain relief. This is something that we touched on recently when we talked about the way that opioids are not delivering any better results than other less severe forms of pain relief.

What is working, say medical experts is a change in the way that people live their lives.

What Do They Recommend Instead Of Opiates?

It’s all very well to say that opiates don’t work very well but is there a better solution? Here, the medical profession says that there is.

Firstly, they place a strong emphasis on diet and exercise. The doctors recognize that while dieting and exercising can both exacerbate pain in the short-term, they say that it has near-miraculous benefits in the long-term.

Secondly, they recognize that part of our pain comes from a psychological aspect of our personalities. It’s not “all in our heads” but some of it surely does stem from the fear, torment, and anguish of regular bouts of pain.

Finally, they recommend that while you undertake a series of lifestyle changes and seek cognitive behavioral therapy to change the way you deal with your pain; you quit the opiates. Nobody is saying “go cold turkey” here. The emphasis is on slowly weaning yourself off the drugs without going into harsh withdrawal.

It is also worth noting that CBD oil has been shown to be effective when withdrawal from opiates is uncomfortable or increases pain.

You may be able to get a free trial of CBD oil for assistance treating your pain or your withdrawal pain from opiates. It’s one way to make sure that you have a brighter pain-free future.

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