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Psychogenic Pain: Just Because It’s A Mental Issue Doesn’t Make It Less Painful

Many people with pain get very angry when a doctor or other person suggests; “it’s all in your head.” I can understand that. It feels like you’re not being taken seriously. Yet, for some people, it’s true their pain is all in their head. It’s known as psychogenic pain.

Here’s the important thing. Pain is not lesser pain because it stems from a psychological source rather than some form of physical trauma. Psychogenic pain is quite real. It can be just as painful as any other form of pain too. You are not being dismissed here because pain is pain is pain.

What Are The Common Types Of Psychogenic Pain?

There are four common types of psychogenic pain:

  1. These are one of the most common types of pain overall. They are often tension or stress related.
  2. Muscle pain. No surprises that muscle pain, which is also very common, can be brought on my stress, anxiety or depression too.
  3. Back pain. Nearly everyone suffers from back pain at some point in their lives, occasionally the cause is psychological rather than physical.
  4. Ever had nervous indigestion or butterflies of excitement? If so, you’ll know that your head can sometimes play tricks in your stomach.

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This is a person grabbing at their mid-region because they are in pain.

How Is Psychogenic Pain Diagnosed?

Psychogenic pain is not a casual diagnosis. Doctors do not wish to tell people “your pain is in your head” because they know how this will be perceived by the patient.

So, it is only delivered as a diagnosis when all other possibilities that the doctor can think of have been ruled out.

It is usually found that the person’s pain is not a good match for any other health issues the person may be experiencing.

It is also common for this diagnosis to be made in conjunction with input from a mental health professional.

Does Psychogenic Pain Mean You’re Crazy?

No, absolutely not. Doctors hate the word crazy but I think it’s fine to use it when you’re talking about a gun-toting lunatic in a public place. It’s not OK to use it when it comes to psychogenic pain.

Many, many people suffer from this kind of pain. They’re not crazy, it’s just that their pain exists in a place that doctors don’t yet fully understand and struggle to treat.

How Is Psychogenic Pain Treated?

Common treatments for psychogenic pain include:

  • This can have varying degrees of success, but it is always worth a try as it is non-invasive and never harmful.
  • There are no psychogenic pain specific drugs, but antidepressants have been shown to have some success in treating it.
  • Non-narcotic painkillers. You won’t get opioids for this kind of pain, but many other treatments have been shown to be effective.

It is also worth noting that many people with psychogenic pain have found benefits from taking CBD oil. Which I strongly recommend you try if other paths aren’t working for you.

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