CBD Oil around the world is a complex business. There is a growing consensus among the medical and scientific establishment that CBD oil is something of a miracle and it can tackle many severe medical issues, as well as helping to manage chronic pain.

Unfortunately, because CBD oil is made from cannabis – its legal status around the world is something of a grey area. So, let’s head to a Land Down Under and examine how Australia is dealing with its CBD oil demand.

CBD Is A Schedule 4 Drug

CBD oil is a Schedule 4 drug in Australia. That means anywhere in the country, if you have a valid prescription for CBD oil, you may purchase it from a pharmacy and use it legally.

However, there are many reported cases of CBD oil being seized by both police and customs in Australia – who seem to have interpreted the law differently from the medical establishment.

This means that visitors are going to need to approach this with some caution. Recent news suggests that only 23 doctors have the right license to prescribe these products in the country and getting these prescriptions filled is something of a nightmare.

It is worth noting that so far no-one has been arrested for importing or using hemp-based CBD oil products, such as those sold in the United States, but… this matter could change at any time.


We don’t think it’s a good idea for foreigners to import or use CBD oil-based products in Australia at this moment in time. We think the legal situation is too murky and while Australian citizens may get an easy time if caught; we suspect other passport holders will not. Don’t take any risks for your CBD oil.

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