A woman grasps at her red and inflamed back which is hurting her.

How Can I Deal With Chronic Back Pain?

This is an occasional column in which we seek to answer real questions from readers. This one is from a lady who wanted to ask about the CBD treatment for pain that we recommend.

“I have suffered from chronic pain from a back injury for more than 20 years and have tried many different things for relief including a morphine pump, but I still suffer. If this medication [CBD oil] you are offering will help. I would appreciate trying it.”

Our Response

We know how distressing it can be to live with pain for a long period of time and we understand that you become naturally sceptical of any (or indeed, all) presumed “cures for pain”.

Sadly, we cannot promise that CBD is the right solution for your pain. What we can say is that marijuana derived treatments have been proven to be effective in helping many people with their pain. That’s why so many states are legalizing or decriminalizing medical marijuana at the moment.

However, marijuana comes with side effects and we think that it’s better to manage your pain without the mental impairment caused by being high. That’s where CBD comes in. It’s the pain relief of marijuana without the buzz.

The good news is that you do not need to change the regime you are using for your back pain now. You should be able to add CBD to the mix without causing any harm. To be certain of this, we recommend talking to your physician before you start using it.

We recommend that you apply for a free trial bottle of CBD after you speak to your doctor and see if the treatment works for your back pain. We’d also suggest that you read our article offering 10 different pain relief strategies and see if you can use those ideas to boost your regime too. We hope you feel better soon.

Image credit: Copyright of Esther Max distributed under CC License 2.0

Image credit: Copyright of Esther Max distributed under CC License 2.0

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