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CBD Didn’t Work Nor Did CBS Oil, What Can I Do Next?

Our Q&A column is now going to be a weekly feature. It became a regular feature this week as I realized we have a lot of readers out there not getting the help that they need with their pain.

Dave wrote to us to say, “I have tried the Pure CBS Oil, and unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. I have crushed discs and vertebras that are slowly degenerating. 15 yrs. of hell, tired of opioids, muscle relaxants, and almost everything made for pain. After all this time, nothing works, so I tried the CBD Oil. And again it didn’t work. I am about to give up.”

I understand Dave. If I wasn’t finding the CBD oil so effective for my knee pain, I might be about to give up too. There are, however, still things you can try.

Try Other CBD Oils

The first thing you might want to consider is trying other CBD oils. Let’s be fair about this, they are not all created equal and while I think the one we offer a free trial of for Living with Pain is the best CBD oil that there is – other people might not feel the same. Why? Because we all have different metabolisms, pain, and needs.

So, my first step would be to try some other CBD oils. Now, I don’t know from your note if you’ve already done that but if you have…

Try Other Alternative Pain Management Techniques

It’s easy to dismiss things like mediation for pain relief but my wife Janet swears by mediation as part of her own pain relief regimen. Chade-Meng Tan, who worked as a senior guy at Google, put together a no-nonsense guide to meditation called “Joy on Demand”. It’s about $10 at Amazon (or free if you use an Audible Trial for the audiobook).

Consider A Placebo


This might sound ridiculous but it’s not. In a trial in which people suffering from chronic pain which could not be alleviated by any other means, doctors told their patients, “This is a sugar tablet. It has no special medicinal properties. However, I believe it might help cure your pain.”

The result? Nearly 70% of people in the trial reported that their symptoms were alleviated. Seriously. This is the amazing power of mind over our bodies.

Please, don’t give up hope, even if none of this works, it may be weeks or even days before a new pain management tool is discovered that eliminates your pain or at least makes it manageable. Hang in there Dave, I’m rooting for you.


  1. Herbs are drugs in raw form. anyway the Valerian root really seems to help me also. however its not much of a pain killer. mainly it will help you to sleep. smells terrible. some hangover depending on how many pills you consume.

  2. I had excruciating sciatica that would bother me day and night, for years there was no relief it was dehabilitating. Then my friend saw a presentation on Active Release Sports Medicine. She is a runner and something went one day and she could hardly walk, she went to this person who did the presentation on Active Release. He had her cured within a week. Of course I booked an appointment. The rest is history as they say. If I get a twinge I will use my roller and do my stretches and it will go right away. I have happily been cured for years, what a relief! My sister has arthritis in her hip and is in horrendous pain. The way she walks she compensates for the pain which throws everything else out. She goes to a practitioner that uses the Active Release technique and he has helped her tremendously. I know it won’t help everyone, but it might help to at least try. I also have bad migraines. My doctor does an interesting type of accupuncture called Trigger Point Injection (TPI) it also helps my migraines a lot.

  3. I feel the same way I’ve had 2 back surgeries and all that did was cause scoliosis,sciaticaand other problems can’t find no relief no body gets the pain that you live with 24 hrs a day wish there was something that can help to where I can be able to have a life

  4. I’ve tried the cbd and the hemp oil and nothing works anymore. Not my pain meds, muscle relaxers, nerve pain meds it’s like living in hell every day.

  5. There is no help for people with bad back,s outside surgeries and then they aren’t a guarantee so all you can do is hope for some relief.I use heavy narcotics & oil works good.

    • For those that have a problem sleeping, tight muscles, pain, etc …give valerian root a try…you can get it at walmart or pretty much anywhere else for about $3 per bottle. It is a natural herb that works similar to valium but without the addictive properties. Or you could try kratom…next best thing to cbd oil and it wont show up on a drug test as it is not a drug, it is an herbal remedy.

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