Tablets like Ibuprofen which can be used as an anti-inflammatory.

Constant Back And Hip Pain? Is Endless Ibuprofen The Answer?

Hi, it’s me Thomas back again to take another Q&A and this week we have Cheryl who reached out to ask this:

“I have been in constant back and hip pain, that can be debilitating. I have been to my doctor and she won’t help me. I can’t see a specialist without her consent. The pain is now to the point it’s impairing my job, sleep and family life. She also just tells me to take another Ibuprofen. If I did that I would be at six a day. Way too much in my mind! What ways are there to get the help I need?”

You Are Right To Be Cautious About Ibuprofen

I use quite a bit of Ibuprofen to manage my own knee pain. In the scheme of pain relieving prescription drugs, it’s an “entry-level” drug. It has great success as an anti-inflammatory and for very short-term use – it’s OK to take it in the quantities your health professional recommends.

However, there are real concerns that long-term (or even short-term for more than a few days) that Ibuprofen may cause problems. The National Institute of Health has warned that it may lead to ulcers, bleeding or holes in the stomach. They also recommend you avoid alcohol while taking Ibuprofen as it may increase these risks.

Consider CBD Oil

Firstly, before readers start thinking that I only endorse CBD oil. I’d like you to check out this piece on living with pain. It offers a lot of natural remedies for pain that can be used in conjunction with prescription medication.

However, my own preference is for CBD Oil (there is a free trial offer on that page for CBD Oil) to manage pain and it is not a risky proposition and it’s legal. It’s a good place to turn while you do the most important thing.

Talk To Your Physician

Your doctor provides a service. You need to explain to them you have concerns about their current prescription and ask them to either find an alternative treatment or to refer you to someone who can help.

You are their customer and they need to help you find the relief that you seek. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself in order to minimize your pain.

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  1. Agree PA.. Have knee pain also, went to specialist-P.A. Drained the fluid & shot of cortisone. Helps!! BUT, have a torn miniscus will eventually have arthroscopic surgery. Find a specialist, will know what’s best for PAIN. Believe me I had pain unbearable, now not bad. Best of diagnosis!! DRH

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