Here we see the face of a man who is clearly in some distress from his pain.

Help, I Want To Manage My Pain, I Don’t Want To Be An Addict

Welcome back, it’s Thomas here again and this week, I am looking at a question sent by David:

“The problem with chronic pain is the medications you take, sooner or later the medications quit working, or don’t work like they originally did. Most doctors, with the DEA on their backs, are pushing to help their patients, are accused of turning patients into addicts, but people don’t really know what their pain is. I would give everything I own for 12 hours of manageable pain (below 6 on a 10 scale.) I am most days at 7-8 on that scale. It is hard to live life like that. Where can a person go for HELP? Tell me, please?”

Pain Management And Addiction

I believe that David is in chronic pain and that he has tried many different avenues to treat his pain. Like many of us, he’s not happy with the idea of constant opioid use.

While opioids can help manage pain very effectively, they are also difficult to live with. For example, morphine will render pain gone in seconds, but you will also find it nearly impossible to function as a human being until the drug wears off.

Yes, addiction is a worrying aspect of opioid use. But for many long-term sufferers of pain – they’d be happy to be an addict if it got rid of their pain. They’re more concerned about being able to lead a normal life.


There are many options for treatment when you’re living with pain. These can be both “alternative” remedies and those prescribed by a doctor. In fact, the good news is you can try as many natural remedies as you like in conjunction with a pharmaceutical aid for your pain.

However, when you start running out of options, where do you go? Regular readers will know that I will signpost CBD oil and I would encourage its use for those in chronic pain. It’s been a near miracle treatment for my knee pain.

If that doesn’t work, I might consider medical marijuana if it was a “legal” option in my state. Being high is probably better than being in pain.

David, I hope you find what works for you and please let us know here at Pain Authority about what you’re going to try next.


  1. I had Spine Surgery sept 2017 where I was cut in front&back.It was most painful thing Ive EVER experienced.The Opioids Iwas prescribed 90-10mil every 2-3wks &the “come down”was Horrible.But I did it!Now Im doing physical therapy 2xWk &it is very painful ea time.Ican barely move next day.My mother on 2nd month CBD oil for her back pain&she says it works GREAT but when she runs out the pain almost instantly returns.Ithought Id try it&was offered free edible Delivered to me.I went into Personal reasons why I NEEDED 0% THC&100% CBD Oil for my pain.I was GUARANTEED it had 0% THC in it. But it did!!It got me sick as a dog&my head spinning.It was horrible feeling.I spent $50 drug test pharmacy&got Positive read for THC.Ive yet to try CBD oil&my mother still raving how helpful its been for her.It is not cheap youll spend $50 2oz 500mg shop around

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