The Tiger Balm Pain Patches Giveaway



Our friends Darren and Susan at Money Nuts recommended that we try out the East’s most popular pain-relieving patches and after we saw how popular our recent Salonpas draw was, we thought we’d let you – our readers – try them too.

Tiger Balm is Thailand’s favorite way of dealing with pain and it is really good for muscle pains or even for migraines. Thousands of Buddhist monks can’t be wrong, can they? If you want, you can also buy Tiger Balm patches on Amazon.

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  1. The Tiger Balm Pain Patches are awesome giveaway. I would love to try this products that I have bad knees & migraine sometimes. Hope it would be great help me to relief without my aches & pains. Thank you for the opportunity into these sweepstakes.

  2. I have been a stylist for about 30 years now and. From my shoulders to my hands to my back to my knees I’m falling apart physically from the wear and tear on my body all these years and tiger balm is number one for me !!!! I absolutely love it and it works like no other meds. Have been a big big fan for awhile now would be grateful to win this prize

  3. Would love to win. I have scoliosis and although mild, since I have gotten older, any type of physical activity causes severe lower back pain. Thank you for this opportunity to enter this great sweepstakes.

  4. I would love to try Tiger Balm I have migraines because I have Pseudo Tumor Cerebri, Fibromyalgia, OA
    I have this would help with all of these thanks for the opportunity

  5. I’am 86 yr’s old and have relied on tiger balm for many years for my aches and pains .Would not be with out it . Would be nice to not have to pay for it would enjoy it even more. Thank You for a wonderful product.

  6. I have only heard positive things about your products I would love to try them all your #1 biggest fan 🌻 still crossing my fingers for that biggest fan 🤗

  7. I love Tiger balm and it is my go to for everything. I use it for muscle aches and pain as well as for rashes and insect bites. By the way the balm can also be used to remove skin tags, just rub on a few times a day and within a couple of days it will fall right off.

  8. My daughter, age 41, has no insurance & has bad scoliosis. She suffers non-stop. These patches would aid her tremendously. Her name is Fonda Lea Baker

    I would love to give her Tiger Balm to use to bring her some relief. God bless you for the opportunity you give in this contest to everyone, a chance to win.

  9. I’ve heard of Tiger Balm a lot …I’m.on line a lot Dont have a car Im elderly take a bus ….I read as lot on line it’s so good to know Can get a pain relief sample from you ..God bless you …Mary Harding

  10. Ibeenliving in pain for years. Willing to try any thing for relief. Had Lidocaine Patch which did not help. Please send me a trial. Thank, You

    • i jennifer,would also like to try these also i have a hurinaited disk in my lower back .and im in alot of pain im willing to try them to see if they help me with the pain i have .so if u have any samples available.please send me some,or you can email me back at anytime..for my mailing address.ill be glad to give it to u.thank u.jennifer.w.

  11. Hello. I have had 5 low back surgeries. I live with excruciating pain everyday. I would love to try your patches to see if they offer any relief.
    Thank you very much.

  12. i am in so much pain and my pain doctor has been giving me less i have already taken 3 days worth and the very last of my emmu oil and nothing is working and im still trying things would love to try the patches and see if that will help. thank you

  13. i have tried the rub an it works wonderful on my nerve pain, would love to try the patches. tiger balm beats any other muscle pain relief rub i ever tried before. i will never buy another pain relief rub again. i will stay with tiger balm as long as i can afford it

  14. My pain management doctor has cut my morphine from 90 mg a day to now 30 mg a day! Of course I’m in a lot of pain and I would love to try your tiger balm!!

  15. I would really like to try this since I no longer take pain pills. Thank you for the chance to enter this contest!

  16. Between twisting my knee and my middle and lower back pain, I feel like I’m falling apart! I don’t know yet if it’s that the cancer is back or if it’s a side effect from chemo. I need some relief!

  17. Sounds perfect for my RA, fibro and Lupus..thank you for the chance! This is the only one I haven’t tried!

  18. I would love to try this. I’ve never tried it before but I am sure that it will help my lower back 😣.

    • I also have scoliosis, diagnosed at age 6. So does my daughter. She’s had 3 surgeries and rods. I’ve had 1 surgery. We live with chronic pain every day. I’ve never met anyone with scoliosis, especially a man, more common in females.

  19. Tiger balm made it into my house when I was a child. It’s the best external pain reliever of ALL time. Surprised tons of doubting Thomases left and right for years. “Damn, that stuff does work.”

  20. Our family has used TIGER BALM, but for the longest time, we could not get it anywhere. I used it after surgery on my knee and backside of same leg (2 surgeries). I have sciatica, and it really helps. Our daughter gets lots of migraines and has lost a Lot of work time. I would love to be able to help her. She is going to school for her Masters degree and has 2 little ones, so she has her hands full.

  21. I really could use this for my hubby and his constant back pain. And mine also. I have read some good reviews on this product.So I hope I will be blessed to get this prize.


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